Spider-Man is a loving father and husband, but lives in a world where heroes are outlawed. They’re actually tagged and controlled and if they’re powerful enough they’re killed. The powers go to a villain named Regent and Spidey has been laying low ever since the Avengers were taken out. Problem is Regent is getting closer to finding Spidey and this issue shows us what it takes for Spider-Man to get back in the villain fighting business.

Is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3 (Marvel Comics)

The strongest element of this story has been the relationship between Peter Parker and his family. Writer Dan Slott effectively sets up a story where Peter does the right thing by not fighting, but there comes a day when your children grow up and look at you differently. Faced with a child who can effectively judge you is a hard thing to swallow, especially with powers that give you the ability to fight back. Last issue Peter’s daughter was almost captured by the enemy and it’s possible there’s no more hiding for Peter Parker.


Two things are hammered home very nicely in this issue. The first is how Regent wants Peter Parker and his powers. It’s made clear that Spider-Man’s powers are unique and possibly more powerful than any of the other heroes. (An interesting concept and one I’m sure many readers will be annoyed by.) The other is the fact that Peter is not playing around anymore. Much like how he killed Venom in issue #1, here Spider-Man does something to an enemy that’s vicious and unbecoming of the Spider-Man we know. These two elements set this series apart from the usual ongoing and make it feel even more like a What If? story.

If you’re a fan of the Sinister Six you’ll enjoy this issue too. Some of them look very similar, while others have had a bit of a face lift for this Secret Wars tie in. It’s fitting that he’s fighting these guys and not some random villains of Regent, although I’m sure many of you are wondering where Green Goblin is just like me. We’ll see if he pokes his head out, but it’s nice to see the classic adversaries fighting Spidey once again.

Epic art!

And fight they do, with some nice action via Adam Kubert’s art. It’s safe to say this guy is a master and everything he does is spot on. The inks look great too and surprisingly they are done by 3 different people. I guess Kubert’s pencils are faster than the inking job? Either way, Kubert’s art is worthy of an event book and this issue gets that feel largely due to his art. There are some epic panels, one which has all the dead heroes cast in red cages, and the Doc Ock vs. Spidey sequence is nothing short of thrilling.

The only fault — which has been a fault from the beginning — is how flat and boring Regent is in this series. There’s a bit more to him this issue as we learn why he wants Spider-Man so badly, but he’s still just a villain who came out of nowhere and does things because… villain reasons. The remaining heroes still fighting the good fight aren’t helping Spider-Man for a somewhat dumb reason and we all know they’ll change their minds when they see Spider-Man fighting the good fight. A cliche no doubt.

Is It Good?

If there ever was a event within an event this is it right here. Due to the nature of the story, such high stakes at play for our hero and the awesome art — you can’t find a better tie-in right now.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3 Review
The art is so damn good it deserves to be considered an event book!Stakes are high and the script is tight
The good guys aren't helping Spider-Man because of reasonsRegent is still pretty flat
9.5Overall Score
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