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Is there any place better for a character to be than when they are down on their luck, or fighting against all odds? We root for them and cheer for them, because it’s so darn impossible and that’s why Darth Vader has been one of the best Star Wars books yet. I check out the latest issue to figure out the answer to the question: is it good?

Darth Vader #8 (Marvel Comics)

This is a pretty good issue, but it didn’t totally win me over by any means. It’s largely without Darth Vader within its pages and instead has Aphra taking the wheel for the first half. She’s attempting to steal from an Imperial Star Destroyer along with a slew of bounty hunters we know and love. Darth Vader continues to be on the emperor’s shit list and he continues to do things to mess with his plans. This is because there’s a new guy in charge, and he isn’t even a Sith. It makes sense that Vader would be sabotaging things for the Empire since doing bad things is what Sith do, but it’s also shocking when you consider he’s always been an unfailing servant to the Emperor in the movies.

These machinations are interesting because they are so foreign to the Darth Vader character we know and love. The problem with this issue however is the heist Aphra pulls with the bounty hunters takes up 10 pages when it could have easily been given three or less. The art by Salvador Larroca doesn’t help its cause since his layouts are slower than most very few panels per page.

This can sometimes work, but there’s so little that goes on in each panel (which aren’t very exciting either) that it’s a very boring opening sequence. There’s a twist by the midway point of this issue, but it’s not enough to save what feels like a waste of time for something as simple as stealing money from the Empire.

Hardy har har.

The remaining issue devolves into politics as the head honcho orders people around and characters argue with their given tasks. This section feels overly long too, and honestly, who wants to hear characters whine about their missions? There’s a new threat to Luke Skywalker sure, but who really needs to hear Darth Vader get upset about it and want the mission for himself? Does it really need multiple panels to establish the threat?

The final portion of the issue introduces a new Empire investigator that could be interesting in the future issues. It definitely puts Darth Vader in a tight situation. The character can’t simply fight away an investigator but will need to use his smarts to out duel him.

The art by Larroca is certainly sharp and photographic in its detail. There are some epic panels too, showcasing the size of space that are nice to look at. The problem is this story moves so slowly his style just doesn’t work here. His style works great for this type of story, as it’s rife with talking heads. The man does a great job blocking shots when characters stand around that is for sure.

More of this guy please.

Is It Good?

A decent issue as far as setting up new threats and dynamics, but it’s so darn boring.

Is It Good? Darth Vader #8 Review
Sets up some interesting elements like a detective who's onto Darth VaderArt is sharpThe twist is compelling
The first half is boringA lot of talking heads scenes
4Overall Score
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  • Jonathan Ryan

    Agree to disagee. This was an amazing issue with lots of building tension that someone is gonna die very soon. Only Vader, the Emperor, and Bossk have plot shields. So all the possible replacements for vader, Tagge and his minions, the bounty hunters, and Aphra and the droids are all expendable. This entire arc is a cat and mouse game, Vader is going to have to kill people to regain his position and everyone else is just stepping stones to his rise. The readers role is to having fun guessing who’s his next stepping stone. The first half of the issue was both to get readers attached to Arpha and show that she’s got very useful skills for Vader, only question is will the investigator force Vader to dispose of her or how creative will Vader/Arpha have to be to avoid her having to die.

    Oh and that wasn’t an Imperial Star Destroyer but an Arquitens Class Light Cruiser. Its in Star Wars Rebels. Think of it as an Imperial Star Destroyer support ship.

  • Miguel Gonçalves

    “This is a pretty good issue…”
    How come a reviewer can start a review by saying this, and end up giving a comic a crap note of four?

    Really, my issue here isn’t about the content of your review or even if it’s a just and fair review, I haven’t read this number yet, I won’t discuss it.

    But you know, this could be a pretty good review, I give it 4.

    • David Brooke

      In our review scale a 4 is a meh rating which translates to, “Worth skipping, but for diehard fans grab it anyway.” Considering the caper was pretty boring for me and drawn out, then the rest was setup that’ll most likely be recapped next month…that sounds skippable in my mind.

      Also your ellipsis cut off the rest of my sentence which was, “…but it didn’t totally win me over by any means.” Never leave off the “but” Miguel!

      • Miguel Gonçalves

        As I said, my concern with your review, David, is not about its content. It’s about your logic. How can you consider the issue pretty good, if you rate it “meh”? You can point out the pros and cons, but c’mon, let’s make this simpler: if it’s a “meh” you just did’t have a good time reading it and it follows that it can’t be “pretty good”, but or no but.

        • David Brooke

          One man’s pretty good is another man’s terrible. I see your point though.

          • Miguel Gonçalves

            I have nothing against you, let’s leave it at that.
            If anything, what I said is only something for you to keep in mind.

            Keep posting. Do a good job 😉

          • David Brooke

            I was joking with the “one man’s” bit. And I do see your point.

          • Miguel Gonçalves

            Then, I did what I came here to do.
            I’ll be reading you.

  • In the original trilogy, Vader definitely wants to turn Luke to the Dark Side and overthrow the Emperor, so it makes sense he would begin sabotaging the Empire especially after issue six where he discovers the Emperor’s lie about Padme’s death. I did enjoy the focus on Aphra, but I can see why not having Vader as the focus in a book called Darth Vader is a tad frustrating. I would have liked to seen Vader maybe playing a more strategic role of giving the mission to Aphra rather than it happening off the page.