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Is It Good? Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #2 Review

The best flipping crossover is back this week, although is it still the best? Considering the first issue could have been a ruse…is it good?

Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #2 (IDW Publishing and DC Comics)

In the last issue we saw our Star Trek cast discover some rings of all colors. They also found the corpse of Green Lantern’s friend, who is now hot on their heels as to why his skeleton is aboard their ship. Before he showed up though, Scotty was able to release the energy of the rings using a tachyon field and the rings have been rushing to new bearers ever since. The yellow ring, as we know, is typically sent to evildoers and it has found itself on the finger of the captain of a Klingon vessel. Oh great, could it get any worse? We find out in this issue!

This issue, written by Mike Johnson, continues to be an exciting and fun read as he focuses on the rings finding new bearers. As the rings find their new owners the owners use the powers and it’s a nice touch to see characters like Chekov enjoying the power of the blue ring. Meanwhile the plot thickens with the evil rings as they find Romulans and other aliens to utilize their power. Essentially the rings have changed the game as far as threats in the Star Trek universe. Green Lantern is still getting his bearings in this issue, but it’s clear he’s going to be helping Kirk and the others figure out what is going on before the bad guys decide whole planets can be destroyed.


I’m not going to lie. Seeing the Enterprise running off a Blue Lantern ring is pretty damn cool and mixing up spaceships with these powers is a neat touch. It fits so nicely into this world too because Star Trek is all about exploration, discovery and stopping those discoveries if they pose a threat.

The greatest weakness of this issue is the lack of Green Lantern. So far he’s got a big smile on his face most panels as he’s entering this foray in a surprisingly chipper mood. Maybe it’s due to his arrogance, but his actions and emotions seem off. The only other issue I took with this comic was a heavy exposition sequence with the Romulans as we learn about their politics. A bit of a bore—though probably important later mind you—but who cares about politics when rings are flying around?!

The art continues to look fantastic from Angel Hernandez. He does a fantastic job showcasing the rings’ power to the newbie users and the energy coming off them is a sight to see. The likenesses of the Star Trek characters continues to be spot on too. If you consider how boring a bunch of characters standing on a bridge could be you’ll appreciate his layouts more as these are always interesting.

Uh oh.

Is It Good?

This crossover continues to work well on multiple levels. Exciting, action packed and capturing the most important aspect of Star Trek: discovery!


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