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Is It Good? Vampirella / Army of Darkness #2 Review

The crossover no one asked for but everyone kind of secretly wishes to read is back with issue #2. I wasn’t a huge fan of issue #1, but I’m willing to give any series the benefit of the doubt. How is the second installment? Is it good?

Vampirella / Army of Darkness #2 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Anyone hoping for the big fight sequence, pick this comic up because that is what this is from the first page all the way to the last. Like most crossovers, the heroes must fight and fight they do here. It’s a good fight, largely due to some great pacing and art, but also because there’s some humor instilled by Ash. The reason for crossing over these characters is pretty simple. Essentially Ash uttered some magical statement that brought Vampirella into his world. This is the version of Ash that lives in the olden days and is king. He was able to utter such a spell because Merlin works for him. Go figure.

Nice layouts!

Writer Mark Rahner does a bang up job with the Ash banter, which truly is the most writing one must do in an action-heavy issue like this, but there’s a very nice cliffhanger I didn’t see coming too. In a lot of ways this is the type of issue where the writer needs to get out of the way of the artist, but the comedic elements work nicely here and there. Basically put, the humor comes from the idea that Ash is a very small human and Vampirella is in her giant hulking demon form. Imagine Ash throwing a turkey leg at her head and you get the point. It’s effective and works for the most part. Since the writing is light the read is brisk, as it focuses on the action.

Jethro Morales really goes all out in this issue and he tops himself from issue #1. Last issue was positively boring in comparison. Granted, there wasn’t as much action, but he does a fantastic job making demon Vampirella look ferocious and scary. The layouts keep things interesting too, with many panels mixing things up from close ups to middle shots that let you soak in the action. There are also some fantastic panels that pop nicely and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the comedic action I’m sure.

The biggest letdown of this issue, aside from how brisk a read it is, is the comic book trope of the heroes fighting just because. When we eventually find out why Vampirella didn’t just kill Ash the second she saw him it’s a bit of a letdown. Just another crossover where they fight just because. That said that means we’ll get some original crossover goodness next issue which should be fun.

How are her boobs being held in that thing?

Is It Good?

This is without a doubt a fun read due to it all being about action, fighting and funny moments. It doesn’t break the mold of the common comic book trope of heroes fighting for the sake of fighting, but it’s fun nonetheless.


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