AiPT!: If we wanted to encapsulate your company, we’d call it the Netflix of comic books, but maybe that’s selling it short. What would be your pitch in 3 sentences or less?

Comic Blitz: We’re imprinting comics on a new generation. For less than the price of one graphic novel, you can not only have access to, but read every book in our store! No other comic e-reader has the value, convenience or user experience of ComicBlitz.

AiPT!: We met at Boston Comic Con and I was curious how the reception to Comic Blitz has been in Boston and at other cons in the country?

Comic Blitz: The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Most people have reactions like, “That’s so smart! Why didn’t I think of that! This is amazing! I’m definitely signing up!” That’s not to toot our own horn, but there is definitely excitement about this model making its way to the comic industry.


AiPT!: The concept of Comic Blitz makes a lot of sense now that comics are so easily accessible online and we’re viewing them digitally more than ever. Digital comics have been around now for years though. What inspired Comic Blitz now? Was it technology or something else?

Comic Blitz: The hobby of reading and collecting comics is getting more expensive all the time. And the number one complaint many people have about digital comics is their price. Which, we understand has to have a certain cover price. The price alone leads people to pirate work, or find other less savory ways to obtain it. With an amazing value for a catalogue of incredible content, we feel that we can alleviate that financial burden for comic readers, and help divert piracy to a legitimate source of revenue for the comic industry. With a product like ComicBlitz, we hope to help the industry financially, and bring in additional revenue streams for publishers and creators so they can continue publishing the content we love so much.

AiPT!: A sentence on your website reads, “Things that are not seen on any other comic e-reader will be featured here on ComicBlitz.” Can you reveal any of these? Just one!?

Comic Blitz: You’ll just have to wait and see. But what we can say is that we are going to be delivering the best user experience possible — an intuitive way to navigate around our app and to read a digital comic. We feel those basic things are the most important, and that we’re ahead of the curve on those items. As far as other bells and whistles, they’ll be released with the app!

AiPT!: When can the public expect this to become available?

Comic Blitz: Very soon! Timetables for startups can sometimes change, but the wait won’t be much longer!

AiPT!: Which publishers will be supported?

Comic Blitz: We have several Top 10, Top 20 publishers already signed on. More on the way as well. The ones that have been announced so far are Dynamite, Valiant, and Zenescope.


AiPT!: DC comics is getting a lot of flack for running ads in their comics. Will you be running ads anywhere in your app?

Comic Blitz: We won’t be doing anything to hamper the reading experience for our readers. This is a binge reading service, and that’s exactly what we will be providing. So, no ads within books at all.

AiPT!: What got you into comics, what was your first comic book read and what was your favorite comic growing up?

I think I’d pick Animal Man’s powers. He really can do it all

Comic Blitz: Well, I remember as far back as maybe 4 or 5 and having Archie digests, and double digests. Richie Rich, Betty & Veronica, those types of books. We’d get them at the drug store on weekends. I do remember picking up at least one G.I. Joe off a spinner rack. But the book that really did it for me was The New Warriors. That’s the book that changed me from a casual reader to a fan, collector, die hard fanboy. I can get way deeper into this question, but maybe for another time. Mark Bagley is my guy!

AiPT!: If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

Comic Blitz: You should know better than to ask any geek this question! This is a decades, possibly centuries old debate. I could go on and on from the values of having invisibility, shapeshifting, telepathy, or invincibility powers, to lesser thought of powers like power beams, or size manipulation. To make a super long story short though, I think I’d pick Animal Man’s powers. He really can do it all. Fly, heal, swim, climb, strength, senses, etc. Just that one power set is so all inclusive, it’s a cheat, but that’s what I’d choose!

For less than the price of one graphic novel, you can not only have access to, but read every book in our store

AiPT!: As I understand it the service is similar to Marvel Unlimited. Clearly it’s something readers want and maybe even need. What would you say to the naysayers?

Comic Blitz: Try us out! There will be a free period where you can have full access to the app, and experience it for yourself. If you still don’t like the experience, or see the value after that, then I would love to hear your feedback and let us know what you think is missing. This is a company built BY comic fans, FOR comic fans. So, your input is invaluable to us, and we want to know your thoughts!

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