Everybody is talking about the new artist on this series, but what about the giant sized detail dropped last month that everybody was talking about?! No, not the Boba Fett versus Luke Skywalker fight sequence. No, I’m talking about Han Solo being married! Whaaaaaa!!? Okay, so is it good?

Star Wars #8 (Marvel Comics)

This issue is in fact good, but let’s break down why. First off we have two storylines going on. The first is Han Solo and Princess Leia being chased by the Empire after they stole one of their ships. Han goes to one of his favorite hideouts where electrical storms hide ships on its surface. Problem is, he ran into an alien claiming to be his wife. He knows her and she runs in the same crowds. Meanwhile, Luke has Kenobi’s journal and is seeking training to become a Jedi. He goes to the first place he thinks will kickstart this journey and it’s a planet of pirates and scum. Exciting!

That’s badass!

Jason Aaron writes a very tight issue with plenty of action and fun character beats too. When an issue opens with a Tie-Bomber saying he “loves [his] job” you know you’re in for a treat. The Leia/Solo portion is fun because it goes well with their ‘do they or don’t they’ relationship. Leia has every reason to not believe Han when he says she’s not his wife. He of course wants her to not believe it since he kind of likes her, but their relationship is still new. Essentially this sequence plays with their relationship, all while the Empire looms overhead, ready to strike.

Luke’s portion is fun simply because he isn’t a Jedi yet. He’s still that farmer boy who’s green even though he took out the Death Star not a few months prior. His quest to get Jedi training makes a lot of sense and it’s going to be a huge part of making his character more interesting.

The cutting between these stories does feel a bit odd though. It’s as if we’re reading an anthology since the two don’t really go together. We’ll see if they run into each other eventually though.

The art by Stuart Immonen is without a doubt amazing. The acting going on with the body language and expressions is phenomenal. It’s like watching Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer go at it all over again. I really enjoy how young he’s making Luke look too, which goes well with his current story arc. The tie-fighters and star destroyers look great too. Dare I say he’s bringing a new level to the art on this book even though the previous mainstay was one of the best!

The “acting” in this scene is fantastic.

Is It Good?

This is an exciting issue that delivers action and character dynamics between Leia and Han every fan will love. The art is kicking it up a notch too, making this feel like an event level book. Get it!

Is It Good? Star Wars #8 Review
Art is event level goodHan Solo and Leia are great in all their banterLuke's journey is compelling
It does feel a bit disjointed cutting between the stories
9.5Overall Score
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