The famous character from history is back and guess what? Details are revealed about the very captivating cliffhanger of the first story arc! Well, to a point, but is it good?

Rasputin #8 (Image Comics)

Last issue had a big reveal that changes US history as we know it. It was also revealed Rasputin didn’t die from his friends who poisoned and stabbed him to death. Or so we thought. A young journalist has tracked him down though and is certain he is the Rasputin. She’s right, but he’s being tight lipped. This issue carries their interchange forward and is heavy on the flashbacks. Score!

Writer Alex Grecian segues into the flashbacks very nicely and it plays out organically. The flashback answers a lot of questions we were left hanging with since the original story arc, so be ready for some solid answers. It’s at once brutal, sad and interesting see play out. This is all told by a new character which adds a bit of a twist on the proceedings. I’m not entirely sold on why Rasputin’s story must be told to some random journalist, but maybe there’s some kind of twist coming that can’t be anticipated. I wouldn’t put it past Grecian. Either way she’s playing the part of the audience and gosh darn it we want to know what happened!

This can’t be good.

The entire issue—much like many of the issues before it—moves very briskly with most of it occurring with little dialogue. Really this entire issue is a brief scene between characters and then the telling of the flashback. The sequence of events are intriguing since we’re finally getting to learn what happened to Rasputin from his friends, but at the end of the day it’s still only a brief sequence. It’s a testament to the writing that this sequence is so powerful despite being so short because our anticipation is so high.

Riley Rossmo has something to do with the issue being so strong since much of it resides on his expert art to carry things. That’s not an insult ot Grecian; much like an action sequence isn’t an insult to the writer of a screenplay who wrote, “they fight” in the script. Rossmo carries these very important scenes very well and you feel every hit and every act of treachery on Rasputin. It’s a very important series of events for Rasputin and who he eventually becomes and the art serves them very well. I continue to really love how Rossmo draws Rasputin’s powers as they’re at once magical but still somehow realistic. They are contained, believable powers in the reality created here.

Why do you have any right knowing this!?

Is It Good?

A must read for anyone following along but newbies will find enjoyment in the deft storytelling via art and character.

Is It Good? Rasputin #8 Review
Great art that tells the story very wellWe finally get some answers!Interesting plot twist
Ultimately there isn't a lot that actually occurs in this issue
9Overall Score
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