What is with our fascination with Sherlock Holmes? From TV shows to movies this property is constantly being adapted to the visual medium. Is it the idea of a man without powers doing amazing things? Or is it just the mysteries? I for one think it’s the characters and everyone loves the big reveal at the end. I take a look at a new series adapted from a book to answer the question, is it good?

Sherlock: The Seven Per-Cent Solution #1 (IDW)

This opens with Sherlock’s right-hand man, Watson. He’s now old and living in an assisted living facility. He’s seemingly dictating events to a reporter, but we soon find out it’s actually Watson delivering a new book to his assistant.
Now too old to write another Sherlock novel by hand, this issue is instead dictated by Watson and will reveal the true final story of Sherlock Holmes. This surprise is one of many in this comic, which reveals much in the ways of Sherlock and his addictions, Moriarty and a final adventure with Watson at the helm.

The “coolest” part about Sherlock!

David and Scott Tipton adapt this story quite well. You will need some patience as far as reading is concerned as it’s quite dense, but it’s rewarding if you give it a chance. Like any good mystery there seems to be a lot of misdirection going on here. Then again maybe everything here is literally the truth, in which case that’s interesting too. The main plot at play is the fact that Sherlock is losing it thanks to a long life of cocaine use. Watson believes him being his good friend, but he’s skeptical, and rightfully so. Drug addiction wasn’t well understood back then, but Watson is determined to get him the help he needs. Is he being led down the wrong road by certain villains? And who is this mysterious figure who died that allows Watson to finally tell this tale? If you’re not drawn into this story it might be the lack of action, but people who enjoy character studies should enjoy this very much.

Ron Joseph has the art duties and his style is very similar to Richard Corben. It’s quite moody and atmospheric as if there are flies on the walls documenting everything with heavy inks used throughout. Faces are incredibly moody too, and almost weirdly augmented as if they were slightly melting. It goes a long way in making the faces seem old and war torn with a plethora of history behind them. This is important when your comic is mostly talking heads.

Sherlock isn’t looking so good.

Is It Good?

It may be dense and mostly dialogue with very little action, but the mystery draws you in. This doesn’t feel like any old mystery and it makes you question who Sherlock was and makes you wonder if the real mystery is whether what we know is wrong.

Is It Good? Sherlock Holmes: The Seven-Per-Cent Solution #1 Review
Captivating mystery that weaves in the "truth" of SherlockArt is moody and atmospheric
It's quite a lengthy read—a pro in some sense, but the pace is slowed because of it and this certainly isn't for everyoneNo action to speak of
7.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 3 Votes

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