One of the most anticipated Secret Wars tie-ins gets a third issue this week and boy am I excited. The last issue was exciting, gripping and compelling. Can it keep up the momentum… and is it good?

Civil War (2015-) #3 (Marvel Comics)

This issue opens with two sets of enemies coincidentally and simultaneously infiltrating each other’s areas. She-Hulk has entered The Blue to track down the killer that ruined the peace talks. She has to do it not hulked out or she’ll be spotted and God knows everyone wants to take her out since she’s Tony Stark’s right hand (wo)man. Spider-Man, Elektra, Black Panther and Venom are infiltrating The Red to acquire some gizmos being heavily guarded by Stark tech. Why or what for isn’t clear, but it’s highly dangerous. This issue cuts between both stories to reveal more about this different take on the Marvel universe.

Poor Xavier.

Charles Soule writes a solid issue here, keeping the balance between stories/sides interesting. Really the choice of scenes works wonderfully. In one you might have action, the other a tense moment, then back to a quiet moment and then back again to action. These two different scenes are paced well with each other and deliver surprises and action equally. There’s also some inventive stuff that’ll keep readers interested. Anybody ever wanted to see a Daredevil and Spider-Man villain combined? It’s a site to see. There’s also a major death in this issue, a check in with heroes old and failing and a surprising twist too! All in all when a writer can do whatever they want with a story like Civil War you better get just as many surprises and action packed scenes as this one’s delivering.

It’s hard not to give things away and tell you why this issue is good. That’s mostly because the reveals, new characters and the big twist are too spoilery! It’s safe to say there’s so much fresh here there’s no way you’re going to be bored.

The only negative I could see in this issue is Tony Stark being viewed as some kind of martyr. The guy has done well for his area of America, but let’s be honest — wars aren’t won by being nice. I suppose his people might think so, but this storyline feels a bit off.

Tony…the good guy? I’m not so sure.

Artist Leinil Francis Yu continues to do what he does best and that’s draw mechanical suits and buildings in great detail. The issue opens with some Iron Man sentinels and they look gorgeous. The amalgam villain is amazing to look at too and should not be missed. Yu imparts a sense of vulgarity and power to this beast that’s incredibly formidable. As She-Hulk infiltrates the Blue there’s some fantastic city scenes too. They set the mood and impart a lot of character on this side of the wall. It goes a long way to tell a story of the squalor and troubles this side has gone through.

Oh sure Tony sure is innocent!

Is It Good?

This is a fantastic third issue that delivers many surprises, interesting reveals and some cool new characters too. This is by far the most exciting Secret Wars tie-in on the stands.

Is It Good? Civil War #3 Review
Some sweet surprises and revealsCharacters die!Very well paced between the two sequences
Tony the all mighty perfect leader is a bit much
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 3 Votes

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