If you see a new Danger Girl comic you know you’re in for two things: Adventure and sexy women in tight clothing. It’s not always exploitative though and I’ve found IDW has published a few of these miniseries with great stories behind them.

But how is this latest one? Is it good?

Danger Girl: Renegade #1 (IDW Publishing)

This issue opens with Abbey Chase as a young girl of thirteen. A group of unsavory looking men want to kidnap her presumably to get to her father. We meet her however on the streets of Cairo, Egypt “twelve years ago” and Abby is quickly found out. From there we learn more about her father and later cut back to the present day.

Kid genius!

Writer Andy Hartnell does a good job establishing where we’re at with Abbey and getting the focus on her character. The opening pages feel very much like the latest Uncharted videogame as we learn the hero adventurer has been speaking multiple languages and going on adventures for a long time now. Between this and the scenes that take place in the present there’s a good deal of action to be had. The plot however doesn’t move forward quite as quickly as I’d like and by issue’s end I felt we barely scratched the surface of this miniseries. That said it never felt like it was wasting time or even boring for that matter, as the story is told well — I just wish there was more of it, or it cut forward in time more.

The art by Stephen Molnar is quite good and has some great detail throughout. The type of art that can sustain this series is a cartoony look that can solidly portray the fun of the adventures and curves of the women, or a much more detailed look like this one. In one sequence Abbey is chased and the detail is impressive with every basket and brick crafted as if molded from real life. Later life Abbey looks great and isn’t there for malegaze purposes. Instead she looks strong and proportional. Sure she has a cut off shirt, but I’ve seen her body look far more unrealistic before.

This latest miniseries is a nice story as it feels fresh going back to Abbey’s roots and exploring that character more deeply. It helps the Danger Girls are out of business too, but I’m sure they’ll be coming back soon. The fact that there’s a promise of the character getting much more fleshed out is an exciting one.

Why is she in this shot? Because that’s why!

Is It Good?

Ultimately this is a good first issue, but it doesn’t do enough to make the issue feel worth the full asking price. The art is nice, the premise strong, but by issues end you’ll be wondering where the hook is and wishing it didn’t land on issue #2.

Is It Good? Danger Girl: Renegade #1 Review
Fans of this series can rest easy knowing there's a fresh story here well worth exploringArt is very detailedMore Abbey backstory please!
Doesn't reach its hook quite yetNon fans could probably wait for issue #2 or the collected edition
7Overall Score
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