Sometimes a fresh take is necessary with criticism. It can be needed due to bias or in some cases a reviewer gets too close and invested in the subject to give it an honest shake. I take a look at Marvel’s all-ages sequel, Figment 2 #1, and ask the question: is it good?

Figment 2 #1 (Marvel Comics)

Right off the bat if you’re familiar with writer Jim Zub you’ll know this comic is going to be funny. The man has a great sense for the silly, and his work on Skullkickers each month proves that. This issue is no different as I cracked up more than once reading through its pages. The premise is quite light, especially for someone like myself who hasn’t read the original series, but when it comes to #1s they better introduce things to new readers too, right? Right?!

A likable character.

This comic is about a guy named Blair who’s a Dreamfinder and his sidekick Figment who quite literally may be created from imagination itself! You see, Dreamfinder is a traveler of the land of pure imagination using his steampunk-style contraption. He’s been gone for over 100 years though, and this issue opens on his return to the present day. Modern day Florida to be specific. It appears they arrive to what looks like the Epcot at Walt Disney World although it’s sprouting straight from an untamed jungle. Before any of this happens, we’re introduced to a young girl who also has steampunk proclivities who wants to join a science society that just so happens to reside in the Epcot-looking building. She’s denied due to age, but clearly her gusto is enough to get her in. So we’ve got ourselves a magical, fish-out-of-water tale mixed with a young dreamer who wants to do great things. Sounds like a good start.

Part of the charm of this issue is Blair’s childlike demeanor. He’s a bit naive but always wide-eyed and interested in things. Basically, he’s a big kid. Mix that personality with his always wise cracking dragon figment and you have a recipe for some humorous moments. As they are introduced to the Academy Lucidus he’s not only in awe of the technology inside but the smartphones kids are carrying around too. For a scientist of the dream world this is incredibly advanced and one might imagine science has advanced too far for him, but Zub has set this up so that even the modern world will need Blair’s dream machine.

Ultimately it’s a light read though, with most of this issue focused on Blair’s silly nature and awe with modern technology.

The opening pages with the little girl are appreciated, but she’s underused and could have fleshed the plot out a bit more.

The art by Ramon Bachs is quite nice with plenty of detail to ogle on every page. The dream machine in particular is interesting to look at and it’s got that classic Disney movie flair that makes it extra magical. Bachs’ detail is right up there with J. Scott Campbell and really there isn’t a panel that doesn’t look great. His detail in the environment is appreciated too, with very few panels of blank backgrounds.

Now that is one killer contraption.

Is It Good?

If you’re looking for a light read with some laugh-out-loud moments and an endearing premise, look no further than Figment 2 #1. Plus, it’s all ages, so it has that going for it.

Is It Good? Figment 2 #1 Review
Considering the audience, this is a fantastic read, but older readers might want more from its slightly cute storytellingHonest to goodness funnyThe art is great
I wish there was more of the little girl who opened the bookIt's light on plot
8Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes

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