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Is It Good? D4ve Vol. 1 TPB Review

If you’re looking for a futuristic world where humans cease to exist because robots actually succeeded in eradicating all human life…then this is your comic. Or not, because what D4ve does best is creating very humanistic characters in a technological world. Now the question is whether or not this idea is translated well through comic book form; in other words, is it good?

D4ve Vol. 1 TPB (IDW Publishing)

First thing I noticed was the cover was created by Fiona Staples. My god, I love that woman’s work so I was hoping she was the illustrator. Unfortunately, she isn’t. Some dude named Valentin Ramon is, and I am unfamiliar with any of his work. Automatically, I think he won’t measure up to the Saga (otherwise known as the Holy Grail) artist, but you know what…I was surprised. The art was pretty solid as far as portraying aliens, robots, and the like. Plus, I loved the action scenes with green goo for blood flying everywhere. I guess I’m a sucker for alien gore.

Anyway, the story starts off with D4ve at his boring desk job. He used to be a defense robot, so basically he daydreams about the good ole days when he was awesome and now he’s, well, less awesome. Now that there’s no human or alien life forms, because the robots dominated all of existence, he’s playing the civilian field. Steady wife. Adopting children. The whole shebang. Only he wants something more in his life. In fact, I’m pretty sure he f-----g hates his life. He wants to be out there kicking ass again.

The ideas like strip clubs for robots, getting drunk, or daydreaming at work, does a great job of portraying this sort of mid-life crisis D4ve is having. There are a lot of human elements at play to make this more relatable to the common man. The humor is really unusual and weird, but I did laugh often. It reminded me a lot of Deadpool’s humor. In fact, D4ve kind of looks like a losery robot version of Deadpool, if that strikes your fancy.

There are a few names that incorporate common leetspeak, nothing too drastic and it’s really easy to follow along. There are some words like “vajazzle,” “bullshart,” and “brazillions,” but it never got confusing since you can figure out what they meant in context. I thought it was a nice added scifi/comedic element as well. However, I could have done without all the toilet humor. There are only so many fart, butt, and turd insults I can take. It made it seem like they just asked a 12-year-old to write some of the dialogue, because the rest of it was awesome aside from those occurrences.

The plot is very slow going in the beginning, which I know can turn off some readers. However, if you stick it through, I think you’ll find that things get much more entertaining. D4ve turns into some huge badass and his son Scotty is one hilarious mofo. The dynamic duo is on a quest to save the world from aliens. Not much of an original plot, but what drives this comic is the dialogue and the characters. Also, I absolutely loved the constant references to action movies and computer software. They were a nice touch.

Is It Good?

I think that anyone looking for a laugh due to extreme circumstances and outlandish ideas is going to like this comic.


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