In a lot of ways a crossover between a guy who fights against evil incarnate and a vampire who fights against evil incarnate makes plenty of sense.

One of them has more powers than the other, but they’re both equal as far as heroes go. This series has been up and down for me, but issue #3 could be an improvement now that we’re past the setup stage. Is it good?

Vampirella / Army of Darkness #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)

This issue opens with Vampirella being tried as a witch. Last issue Ash and Vampirella fought but only because she was turned into a vamp-deadite. She’s regular old Vampirella now but Ash’s people want a trial. Partly due to her appearance – wearing barely anything – but also because she most clearly has inhuman powers. Oh and it’s also the 1300’s.

Writer Mark Rahner writes what could be described as one scene in a larger movie for this issue. Basically we witness a witch trial, but because Vampirella is clearly needed later on we know how this will play out. That makes this issue feel too long and wasteful when really it could have been reduced to half an issue at least. There’s just not enough here to warrant a read with the trial going through two acts of proof that she is not a witch. The first is her ability to stick her hand in boiling water and the second grasping a hot metal rod. Basically a kangaroo court.

This issue also lacks the humor previous issues had with Ash mostly mumbling to himself. There are a few jokes but they don’t land really – like the wizard not knowing what a kangaroo court is – and it lacks the oomph in dialogue to keep readers interested.

There is one action scene (if you can call it that) but it’s so short it’s more a hiccup than a tense and dramatic moment. It again is boring, much like the overall plot, and seems to be in the script to give Vampirella something to do.

Artist Jett Morales does a good job overall with faces looking solid and working well with the script. There isn’t any action to speak of and it’s all talking heads, but Morales keeps the court room drama interesting. Due to a lack of interesting dialogue or humor it’s tough, but there’s a crack about Vampirella being a temptress that works due to her “whatever” expression and the men ogling her.

Is It Good?

This issue feels like it’s buying its time to stretch the series out. The court room drama of the scenes are boring and flat and there just isn’t enough humor.

Is It Good? Vampirella/Army of Darkness #3 Review
Considering this is a talking heads issue the art is solidThe Vampirella as temptress bit is good
Overall boring to read with little action or humor
5.5Overall Score
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