Blood Feud #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Drew Moss with Nick Filardi


I’ve got a story to tell—a story about how me and a couple of poker buddies squared off against the very legions of Hell… and maybe even saved the world. Like all good yarns, this one has its share of action, adventure, mystery, and romance. As for how it ends, though, you’ll have to judge for yourself. Me, I’ve always been partial to happy endings—the singing cowboy riding off into the sunset—but I reckon that just ain’t the way of the world. This story’s got vampires, too, loads of them, but not in the beginning. It began, for us at least, with spiders.

Each issue of Blood Feud features a special Horror Tribute flip cover! These homages to classic horror films portray the cast in the style of the films’ iconic movie posters. Issue #1 recalls the memorable poster for Friday the 13th.