Copperhead’s second story arc comes to a (surprisingly) explosive conclusion. Is it good?

Copperhead #10 (Image Comics)

The Plot

  • Clara and her band of mercs avoid detection….barely.
  • Boo is not a good hostage, mostly on account of him being a total badass.
  • You know who’s even more of a badass than Boo? Clare Bronson. Who else could walk into a town full of murderous criminals and pull off what she does? I’m not even sure she needed the team of Arties.
  • Unfortunately, all that aforementioned badassery pales in comparison to the potent mix of family strife and blood loyalty that brings everything to a head.
  • Speaking of family, things look like they’re going to get quite awkward next month. Like, murderously awkward.

Is It Good?

The main plot of Copperhead’s story, a fun (and somewhat forgettable) hostage rescue, wasn’t bad in any way shape or form. In fact, I dare say it’s better than I’m giving it credit for…by itself. Unfortunately, Jay Faeber kept dropping these tantalizing clues about Clara’s ex-husband, her former life, and what was coming in the series’ next story arc.

I appreciate that Faeber was trying to plant seeds rather than smack us in the face with an out-of-left-field reveal next month, but the side story was so damn interesting that it ended up overshadowing the main narrative.

On the art side of things, Scott Godlewski (with excellent color work from Ron Riley) continues to impress. One thing about his work that that really stood out during this arc is how gruesome the main villain was, proving that he can do much more than just draw gorgeous landscapes and beautiful people/aliens.

And that last page…hoo boy…that’s a stunner. When I thought back on this issue before writing my review, it was the very first thing that came to mind…instead of the main story. Hopefully, my (admittedly peculiar) issue with the side plot distracting from the main one won’t be a problem with the next arc, since it looks like that particular (and brilliant) narrative thread is going to be front and center.

Copperhead #10 Review
Artist Scott Godlewski (with excellent color work from Ron Riley) renders a gruesome main villain, proving that he can draw more than gorgeous landscapes and pretty faces.The side story about Clare's ex-husband continues to build, culminating in one hell of a great cliffhanger.Oh yeah, and there's a pretty cool hostage rescue story in there, too...
...which unfortunately gets overshadowed quite a bit by the seeds Jay Faeber is planting for the next story arc.
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