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Lumberjanes: Beyond Bay Leaf Review

In this special issue of Lumberjanes, the guest artist and writer take our girls on a standalone nighttime supernatural adventure. Is it good?

Lumberjanes Special: Beyond Bay Leaf (BOOM! Studios)

Jen is taking the girls on a nighttime hike to watch the stars, but unshockingly, the girls are quickly distracted by a supernatural event. Ripley has brought along her stuffed pony, Mr. Sparkles, but is drawn into the woods when a ghostly white horse appears to her.

The rest of the girls rush off to follow her, but are intercepted by a hulking woman, Sola, who is very interested in the girls. Ripley soon discovers that the ghost horse is being hunted by Sola, who has captured Ghosty’s entire family and friends.

The girls work together to free themselves and Ghosty’s family from Sola’s evil clutches.

Is It Good?

It’s always fun getting a different take on these characters and Faith Erin Hicks does a great job of writing a script that hits all the high points of a Lumberjanes script, while giving it her own flavor. I’m a huge fan of Ripley, so getting a story that focuses on her is especially delightful.

I love Rosemary Valero-O’Connell’s art style; her bold lines and great attention to detail really suit this book. Her art is perfectly complemented by Maarta Laiho, who does her usual stellar work with the coloring, especially on Ghosty and her family.

This is a great standalone story; Hicks deepens the world of Lumberjanes while keeping us firmly within it. I hope I see more of this team in the future!


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