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Danger? *sigh* This is already going downhill.

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Zombie Tramp Halloween Special Review

It’s that spooky time of year, so why not dive in to a Halloween book, with a little added sex appeal?

Zombie Tramp is why not.

Zombie Tramp: Halloween Special (Action Lab)

I live for danger.

Let’s set the record straight: I love Halloween. I love being scared and I’m a fan of the campy side of the holiday too; think Elvira or “Sexy Donald Trump” costumes, so on first glance this seemed interesting.  Looks a little saucy and involves a zombie chick who’s somehow still hot, let’s give this a spin!

She’s hot, she’s stacked, and she’s green and rotting. Thankfully, I don’t see skin color. *audience groans*

Let’s begin with a quick tip for those of you who want to ride the Sexy + Halloween train to Money town. Zombies? Not hot. God only knows what kinds of crazy nastiness she’s got brewing in her guts, not to mention the smell.

The book itself is a pretty standard “Zombie Hooker comes back from the dead to save a girl who’s threatened with death by a Mexican Bull Demon.” tale. You know, that old chestnut.

Overall, it’s boring, the story seems like it should be 25 pages longer for the amount of setup it provides, and seeing as there are 15+ alternative covers, this feels like the old Marvel Bikini Issues – We need an excuse for T&A!

Is it Good?

Nope. The art is pretty fantastic to be fair, but the plot is forgettable and trite – and Chekov’s gun never goes off. You give me a sexy Zombie, and then make her boring? COME ON. Not even a double entendre!


3 out of 10, and the 3 is literally just art.


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