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Godzilla in Hell #4 Review

Godzilla is in Hell… again. This time his stay in the underworld is brought to us by Drandon Siefert (w) and Ibrahim Moustafa (a).

Is it good?

Godzilla in Hell #4 (IDW Publishing)


The Plot

Godzilla stands over the fallen corpses of Destoroyah and Ghidorah (!) and roars, which is kaiju for pointing and yelling “SCOREBOARD!” Unfortunately for Big G, the battle is just beginning…

  • …and starting over again and again. Destoroyah and Ghidorah aren’t staying dead!
  • The whole ‘not staying dead thing’ seems to apply to Godzilla, too, which eventually causes him to hit a literal wall.
  • Things get trippy.
  • Then things get even more violent.
  • And finally, things end up becoming even more bleak.

Is It Good?

While I didn’t enjoy this issue as much as the opening two chapters, Godzilla in Hell #4 provides another strong perspective on the ‘Locked in Endless Battle’ version of the afterlife.

For starters, Ibrahim’s art is outstanding. Not only are the fight scenes cool, but his facial expressions for Godzilla might be the best we’ve seen in the series. You can actually feel the desperate frustration pouring off of him as his sanity erodes during the battle. Marissa Louise’s colors are simultaneously muted and vibrant, adding an appropriately otherworldly feel.


The idea of fighting your worst battles repeatedly in the afterlife is a bit played out, but Siefert still manages to give us some cool moments (like Godzilla finding his own head and morphing into the bodies of his fallen foes). And that ending packs quite the gut punch.

This was another superb issue in what should be considered a classic Godzilla miniseries. I’ll admit to feeling a little sad when I saw the ‘To Be Concluded’ tag at the end. I’ve enjoyed watching Big G fight his way through so many gorgeously rendered/imagined hellscapes. Perhaps he’ll do enough bad things during the next few years to warrant a return visit some day.


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