I’ve been a fan of some of the various reboot/re-releases of some older properties, and for my money, the revised and recreated Captain Midnight has been landing very well. The real question: is it good?

Captain Midnight Vol. 6: Marked For Death (Dark Horse Comics)

“This is your Captain speaking, everything is kind of on fire…”

Vol 6. is pretty intense. This is incredibly tightly plotted superhero stuffs, with computer hacking, arm weapons, stealth suits, and X pulling this move to some poor schmoe:

Arnold Voice: “He’s falling apaaaahhht”

Is It Good?

Overall I like this series and this collection. It’s gory, so fair warning for the squeamish out there, but if you’ve been following the adventures of our fair Captain, this is a good addition.

If you’ve NOT been following, jumping in at this point will leave you scratching your head quite a bit. I’ve not been religiously reading the series, but I had quite a bit in my brain when jumping in.

Like I said above, the plot and story in these issues is great. Dialog like this is kind of my thing:

“Oh right…the shark thing. You’re still mad about that?”

I say give this one a whirl, and check out the back issues. It’s a modern take on supes, and the collateral damage they cause, so fits right into our hipster age.

Captain Midnight Vol 6: Marked for Death Review
Plot Plot Plot - better than most movies out nowReal Consequences - You feed a guy to a shark? He's going to show up a bit less meaty
Artwork is great, but has a slightly rushed feel to the styleNot good for new readers—do yer researchGORE. Don't let Junior use this for show and tell.
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