Since it’s ALL HALLOWS MONTH *lightning strike, organ music*, you’ll see quite a few reviews of the more spooky content we’ve been receiving from me, so for this review, I’m discarding Is It Good, and moving to IS IT CREEPY, with Creepy #22.

Creepy #22 (Dark Horse Comics)

Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackp-AHHHHHHHHHHH!”

First up – I find that horror comics work so much better in black and white for some reason. The shadows and disturbing lines and shading pop more, and lend your own twisted brain some fuel to interpret better — so setting the four scary tales in that medium was a good idea.

Overall, I was entertained with this issue, but casually. Nothing really rose above the average. The artwork was good, the stories were good, but overall very forgettable.

I will say, the middle story “Ada,” was illustrated brilliantly – evoking the old school comic strip style, or perhaps Classics Illustrated.

I don't even have a snarky comment. This page is gorgeous.
I don’t even have a snarky comment. This page is gorgeous.

I’d say the final story is the real winner creepy-wise, but overall, pretty “OK”.

Is It Creepy?

Not really. If you’re looking for a horror fix, there are better books hitting the market this month, but if you’ve already read everything spooky, this could hit your fancy.

Creepy #22 Review
Black and white illustrations are excellentArtwork in the "Ada" short story is incredibly well done
Stories aren’t very creepy, or scary and pretty forgettable overall.
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