We have reached the homestretch for Chew folks: the last ten issues of the series. I’m personally very excited, but also very nervous for what is to come. There are still a lot of stories, plotlines, and character arcs left to go in this series and anything could happen at this point. Let’s see what happens now. Is it good?

Chew #51 (Image Comics)

Keeping this short and sweet, Chew #51 is a good issue, but one that also has a touch of disappointment to it. It contains the usual amount of silly, over the top antics we’ve come to love from John Layman’s series, as well as wild and memorable characters. It’s about what Olive has been up to in the past two years (along with hints about other characters), working towards becoming an agent of the FDA and working with a partner that is constantly getting high and is a royal pain in the ass. She and her partner are fun together, the dialogue and sight gags are in top form here, and the direction her character is going in is terrific.

The problem is that it feels like it’s missing development with the story and other characters. Last time, we were hit with the defeat of the Collector and implications of dark things happening in the future. However, the issue never addresses any of that stuff nor any of the many remaining storylines and subplots (didn’t even comment on what was happening with a lot of the other characters). It hinted at a big event that went down in Europe, but that’s about it. This isn’t bad by any means, but with the comic getting closer to the end, this issue may have benefited from more progression or by getting the audience more excited by what will be happening.

The artwork by Rob Guillory still continues to impress and remain a big highlight of the series. He does a fantastic job with the characters and everyone’s designs; they’re still all distinct and so full of life with how they act and express themselves. The layouts are put together well, it enhances the humor, and the visuals are very vibrant and eye-catching with their insanity. There’s just no weak point or area to nitpick in any capacity when it comes to the artwork for this series.

Is It Good?

Chew #51 is a great issue that gives you the usual fun and silly shenanigans that you come to expect from the series. Its only weakness is that it could be doing more with the story, especially now that the series is getting closer and closer to the end. Either way, I don’t see anyone being all that disappointed with the issue regardless.

Chew #51 Review
Development with Olive.Still extremely fun and goofy.Artwork is fantastic like usual.
Not a lot of story development.
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