I had NO idea what I was getting myself in for with Rumble, but man am I glad I jumped onboard.

Rumble #8 (Image Comics)

"Giant red eyes you say? Right behind me? God damn teenagers on Halloween..."
Giant red eyes you say? Right behind me? God damn teenagers on Halloween…

Being in the Halloweenie mood I’ve found myself in the last month, the cover alone sold me on trying this book out — but by page three I was very much wondering about the backstory.

So I went back and read it.

Every single issue. In an hour.

I’m hooked.

Let’s break this down: IT’S GOOD.

Is It Good?

Wait, what? Yes. I said that up… nevermind.

In short, this is a mash up of what a book would be like if the Bar losers from How I Met Your Mother were suddenly tossed into a Cthulhu-like world with an undead Conan type barbarian waging a war against the creatures that stole his body and forced him to live in a scarecrow.

Also he has a huge sword.


If that didn’t do it? Check out the artwork:

Conan the scarecrow + massive sword = giant cup of hell yes.
Conan the scarecrow + massive sword = giant cup of hell yes.

If you remember Nextwave, Ellis and Immonen’s take on Marvel, the humor/art here strikes the same chord for me. I highly recommend this entire run so far. I also highly recommend you don’t jump in mid-stream like I did, as you WILL be confused without the first 7 issues.

Rumble #8 takes us to our favorite holiday – Halloween – and all the spooky goings on that typically start to creep out of the basement or sewer on All Hallows Eve. This issue manages to cram in quite a bit: A throwback to the old monster movie marathons, lost trick or treaters, a hydra missing a few heads, hellhounds, and the aforementioned Undead Scarecrow Conan (Rathraq).

I’d prefer Elvira, but OK.

I really dig the artwork James Harren and colorist Dave Stewart is churning out here. It’s tactile and real, and frantic in so many good ways.  Keep an eye peeled for the “sword throw” scene and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The story is still pushing forward in its quest to regain Rathraq’s body, get Bobby laid, and gives us some hints to what’s behind Del, everyone’s favorite tattooed bro.

Are you still reading this? GO FIND THIS BOOK.

Rumble #8 Review
Rathraq, the Giant Barbarian Scarecrow Undead Swordsman is an awesome character.Everyman character too interested in getting laid to save the day.Artwork, oh man the artwork.
Probably better read as a collected graphic novel, as the book is moving so fast.
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