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Paper Girls # 2 Review

Paper Girls # 1 was a fantastic opening. Can BKV and company keep up the pace? Is #2 as good? Let’s discuss.

Paper Girls #2 (Image Comics)

Show of hands, who had that exact walkman?

Issue 2 picks up right where we left our paper-throwing girl gang—confused as hell as to what’s going on, and starting to look for some answers. Like all kids faced with something they can’t explain, they go to the safest place they know: home.

Only there are no parents to be found, deepening the mystery, and leading the kids back out into the night to find something to protect themselves…but do they get there unscathed?

Is It Good?

This is THE book for me. 10 out of 10. This issue took the spooky 80’s Halloween setting and continued on at a breakneck pace. The kids act like scared and pissed off kids. The small art details are hilarious:

As a Massachusetts resident, I'm still sad the rest of you didn't vote Dukakis.
As a Massachusetts resident, I’m still sad the rest of you didn’t vote Dukakis.

With perfect reactions and throwbacks:

"...and and rubber mask, which smells like TOTALLY GROSS-OUT TO THE MAX. TUBULAR."
“…and and rubber mask, which smells like TOTALLY GROSS-OUT TO THE MAX. TUBULAR.”

The rich colors stand out like a fever dream in some panels, and almost any page could be a stand alone poster. The Werewolf costumed teenager up above? Just brilliant.

Meanwhile, the story that took a COMPLETE hard left turn on the final page of last issue and continues to spin wildly out of control…in a good way. BKV’s plot is laying out a very interesting sci-fi mystery, but he’s not relying on a Scooby-Doo like gang for the girls themselves. They are all smart, and all tough, and they’re working as a team.

Keep an eye out for a great heart-wrenching scene where the hard-ass teenager facade starts to crack, showing some humanity mixed in with all this crazy, drakkar noir scented, goodness.

Run, do not walk, to your local comic shop and grab this book. This would make a fantastic Halloween movie, I’m calling it now.


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