The crossover event of the ages is coming to a close this week. While Dark Horse got their fun with Conan and Red Sonja, Dynamite gets their conclusion here, but is it good?

Red Sonja/Conan #4 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Conan and Red Sonja have been attempting to kill Thoth-Amon for quite some time. They actually did so in the Dark Horse crossover, but recently discovered the bastard isn’t dead. They’ve fought in an epic battle, killed giants and are now once again at the foot of Thoth-Amon ready to take him down again.

Why does this comic book matter?

When it comes to hand to hand combat there’s nobody better than these two. The fact that they’re kicking ass and fighting a wizard is a good sign this is going to make fantasy fans happy. While the series hasn’t been wildly successful, this is still the conclusion, which means a climax is in order!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This issue gets inventive similar to previous issues and does a good job increasing the stakes for our heroes. Writer Victor Gischler basically gives Thoth-Amon a plan that Sonja and Conan could never compete with. While there’s a lot of postulating going on it’s fun to see Thoth-Amon detail how he came back from the dead. It’s certainly a new power level we haven’t seen from him before. Eventually the plot gets dicey for our heroes and it’s a scene right out of a good fantasy flick.

The art by Roberto Castro is nicely detailed and at times reminded me of Joe Madureira’s work on Battle Chasers. While the lithe look of Conan and Red Sonja isn’t always consistent—at times Conan gets oddly plump for instance—the muscles look fantastic and they’re always in an exciting pose here or there.

It can’t be perfect can it?

While the story of Thoth-Amon is interesting it’s still delivered in the ever-so-boring way of the bad guy going on and on about his plans when he should just kill the heroes already. Ultimately his actions in this comic are all easily anticipated which makes it feel a bit boring.

Now that’s baller.

Is It Good?

While a stronger issue than most preceded it this is still a by the numbers sort of story. The art is nice though, and the backstory of Thoth-Amon is entertaining enough.

Red Sonja / Conan #4 Review
The art is quite nice throughoutThoth-Amon's explanation for his resurgence is entertaining
The actions of the heroes to win the day are all been there done that
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