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Harrow County #7 Review

Kammi has come to Harrow County and decides to cause some mischief. This issue shows us the beginning of said mischief.

Is it good?

Harrow County #7 (Dark Horse Comics)

The Plot

  • Gotta love those opening two page spreads from artist Tyler Crook.
  • Kammi likes some pretty gross food. We’re talking ‘Taco Bell with no manager on duty’ gross.

  • …or the McRib is back at McDonald’s.

  • She also likes giving the hard sell to haunts and monsters about how awesome she is. Say what you will about her rotted soul, but Kammi is one heck of a good politician.
  • Emmy, on the other hand, just wants to be a normal girl again.
  • Unfortunately, that ship has well and truly sailed…and it looks like her twin sister is ready for war.

Is It Good?

This was by far the most static issue of Harrow County that we’ve had yet. It’s certainly not bad, but all we get are variations of Kammi’s recruitment speech to different creatures. While that does give Crook a chance to go crazy on some awesome visuals, the narrative does get pretty repetitive.

I did like how Emmy seems to be struggling with who she is, especially with regards to NOT using her powers casually. Bunn has done a good job setting her and Kammi up as polar opposites for what no doubt promises to be fantastic throw down between them.

By the way, there’s another one page back up story in this one. It’s written by Crook and drawn by Cat Farris…and it’s pretty messed up, even when you compare to the rest of the stuff we’ve seen in the series.


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