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Panels in Poor Taste: 11/13/2015 – Eye am Not a Crook

Carnage #1

Written by Gerry Conway | Art by Mike Perkins

Dave: Some people just hate hugs.

Man vs. Rock: Due to support from the powerful lunch-lady lobby, recent polls indicate that Carnage is now a landslide frontrunner in the GOP primaries.

Dog: “Whaddya mean, 18% gratuity automatically added?!”

Lisa: Uh oh! Looks like they ran out of mac and cheese.

Mythic #5

Written by Phil Hester | Art by John McCrea

Dave: But isn’t that his right buttock?

Man vs. Rock: It’s only his right buttock if you have your face planted between his butt cheeks.

Dog: It’s okay, doctors don’t recommend you regularly check your ass out until age 45.

Lisa: Kindergarten teachers sure are kinky in their private lives. “Pee pee”, please.

Harrow County #7

Written by Cullen Bunn | Art by Tyler Crook

Dave: She’s one “R” away from horror to hilarious.

Dog: She’s found the secret recipe for Sasquatch soup.

Lisa: I want my baby back, bay back, baaby baaack ribs!.

Man vs. Rock: Spend one lousy night with Jared Fogle, and this is what you turn into.

God is Dead #44

Written by Mike Costa | Art by Juan Frigeri

Dave: This is me after boot camp class. Still trying to get the ligaments out of my teeth.

Man vs. Rock: If you had just listened to the Dog Whisperer’s advice, none of this would have ever happened.

Dog: Do what now? I can barely hear you.

Lisa: Who are you kidding dave? This is WHY we need boot camp!

Birthright #11

Written by Joshua Williamson | Art by Andrei Bressan

Dog: No wonder vampires need blood; it looks like their circulatory systems just pump chlorophyll around.

Dave: Couples therapy is hardest when the kid is involved.

Man vs. Rock: The SPCA’s new practice of euthanizing dogs by slicing their head open while laying on a child has been met with some controversy in some cities.

Lisa: Wow, the MSPCA sure has changed their methods.

Django/Zorro HC

Written by Quentin Tarantino, Matt Wagner | Art by Esteve Polls

Dog: Oh, and that horse was one day away from being put out to stud!

Dave: Tub-O-Guts became a fantastically successful spin off series.

Lisa: And another butter substitute is born. Try Tub-O-Guts.

Man vs. Rock: Kill something when it’s tired. That’s sound logic. Can you babysit my neighbor’s crying baby sometime?

Red Sonja Conan #4

Written by Victor Gischler | Art by Roberto Castro

Dog: Huh, I guess the old “swallowed watermelon seed” myth was true after all.

Man vs. Rock: Porn tryouts are getting weirder and weirder…

Dave: Tentacle prickers are really hot right now in the hentai scene.

Lisa: And you thought Pinnochio had it rough.

Alice Cooper vs Chaos! #3

Written by Tim Seeley, Jim Terry | Art by Jim Terry

Dave: And that was the day bobble heads were invented.

Dog: I think you can have had punched off the heads off from of plenty of more clowns! Use the power of prepositions!

Lisa: Clowns are creepy. Enough said.

Man vs. Rock: If I had a nickel for every time I punched a clown’s head off… I’d have one nickel.

’68 Last Rights #3

Written by Mark Kidwell | Art by Jeff Zornow

Man vs. Rock: Introducing New Extra Strength Excedrin: the ultimate solution for when that headache won’t go away!

Dave: Eye am not a crook!

Dog: Political debate moderators need to stop asking stupid questions. No one cares if Ben Carson would go back in time to kill Richard Nixon.

Red Sonja Vol. 3 TP

Written by Gail Simone | Art by Walter Geovani

Dave: Gah! The douche product placement is showing up everywhere.

Man vs. Rock: … and they also slip in an ad for their tampons in the last panel!

Dog: A different kind of sword swallowing. Oh, you meant the other thing.


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