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The brilliant miniseries chronicling various incarnations of Big G’s trip through the Underworld reaches its fifth and final issue.

Is it good?

Godzilla in Hell #5 (IDW Publishing)


The Plot

  • Hell’s weather seems a lot like November in the southeastern United States.
  • Also like the southeastern United States, it has a large supply of blood sucking bugs.
  • We all have our personal mountains to climb, but Godzilla’s is a nasty piece of work.
  • Never has a mass devouring via hellcreatures looked simultaneously adorable and awesome.
  • The ending is a bit heavy on the symbolism, but also has plenty of awesome imagery to back it up.

Is It Good?

Godzilla in Hell #5 might not feature any cool monster fights, it still gives us one heck of a battle. Writer/artist David Wachter produces some of the most stunning visuals of the series to date. The weather, background, and gore are all intricately detailed to a point that it makes the story’s heavy-handedness acceptable.


Wachter also does a great job using a small bit of text (via some Buddhist philosophy) to bookend the series in a way that ties all five issues together.

Godzilla in Hell is a masterpiece. Each issue, including this one, has provided us a beautiful, powerful, and wholly unique vision of what started as an exceptionally twisted concept. This isn’t a something you’ll just put in the longbox after reading and forget. Godzilla in Hell is a series you’ll want to come back to again.

And even if you aren’t a Godzilla fan, it’s worth purchasing just for the gorgeous artwork. If you are a fan of Big G, however, then watching eternal punishment has never been more thrilling or fun.

Godzilla in Hell #5 Review
Writer/artist David Wachter turns in some of the most stunning visuals to date.No big monster fights, but Godzilla still faces one hell of a battle.
The theme is a bit heavy-handed, but Wachter packs enough gorgeous detail on each page to make it work.
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