The conclusion to a now longstanding story arc that involved Han Solo’s wife (or is it ex wife?), Luke thrust into an arena to fight to the death and Chewbacca getting his ass handed to him by Dengar is finally here. Is it good?

Star Wars #12 (Marvel Comics)

Will we learn if Han is telling the truth about his “wife”, will Luke live to see another day (well duh), and most importantly will we see some sick lightsaber dueling!? The answer is yes!

Why does this comic book matter?

One of the strongest Star Wars comics in ages and this is Marvel’s first shot at it. Writer Jason Aaron has been able to capture the vital parts of these characters’ journeys. It doesn’t feel like filler even though we know this all precedes Empire Strikes Back — which tells you a lot about the storytelling going on here.

Why is it always cool to see heroes standing on floating vehicles?

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

We finally get a definitive answer on Han Solo being married! That and Luke once again proves he’s still a bit green, but manages to be a bit of a badass at the same time; this helps us feel like we’re in his shoes and it’s a wonder we didn’t get more movies set at this time in Luke’s life. Of course he was no Jedi master in Empire Strikes Back, but he was certainly better than he is here. And that’s fun to read.

Aaron gives us a pretty spectacular scene later in the issue too. I don’t want to ruin it, but it’s something you’ve never seen before and it involves lightsabers! Meanwhile R2-D2 gets a major hand in saving the day and monsters get a nice presence in the issue too.

Stuart Immonen continues to prove he’s one of the best in the industry with this issue. Truly lightsabers have never looked so good. The character likenesses look fantastic as always too. This is a bit of a chaotic issue due to the climactic events and the layouts show it.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Due to the climactic nature of the story the layouts don’t look quite as pretty as they have in the past few issues. There’s a face or two that’s a bit off too which makes me wonder if the monthly schedule caught up with Immonen. Minor gripes though.


Is It Good?

Once again Marvel delivers big Star Wars moments that are vital parts of these characters’ stories.

Star Wars #12 Review
Art hammers home the climactic battlesA conclusion to the "is Han married" storyline!R2-D2 gets a moment to shine
Some of the faces look rushed and layouts aren't as intriguing as past issues
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