After reading this issue I realized it’s a lot more like Cowboy Ninja Viking than a classic western. That’s because there are vampires and zombies afoot. Oh, and robots. It’s a crazy grindhouse type of comic with lots of action, gorgeous art and a mute protagonist. Is it good?

Fistful of Blood #2 (IDW Publishing)

Last issue a random girl in fishnets was found in the desert. She was brought to an old west type town, only it’s not a real town but an old Hollywood set. It was abandoned, but zombies and vampires have taken it over in order to eat the tourists who stop by. It’s a low brow plot with lots of action that’s tongue-in-cheek for sure. Oh and it was originally written about 15 years ago and was recently revamped with new art.

Why does this comic book matter?

There aren’t a lot of comics like this today. I can only think of one and that’s published by Dark Horse Comics. You certainly can’t go into this series expecting Shakespeare, but it’s a a fun, action oriented romp. If you’re into that you might just love this.

See what I mean.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Frankly, if you like comics with girls who are half naked you should take a look at this. The opening pages has our protagonist rolling around in bed as she fights off a vampire. It’s of course sexualized, especially since he’s trying to dig his fangs into her. The first 18 pages focus on the vampire battle, which runs a bit long, but it looks great. Of course the art on the protagonist is gratuitous, but for something like this that’s the point.

Interesting pose!

Kevin Eastman also sets up the next issue nicely for the remaining pages of the book. It’s fun to see Eastman make fun of the ignorant American tourists and they are delectably annoying.

He draws them in all their bulbous glory too. Really, all the art is great in this issue. It’s actually somewhat obvious it was originally drawn 15 years ago as the look and feel bring you back. Considering the digital advances in drawing since then it makes sense he would want to redo the series.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Since it’s mostly action it’s a quick read. It does help that there are notes and sketches at the end to give it more readability, but ultimately the story isn’t complex enough to make it a must read. The problem is there isn’t much to this at all. It’s pretty, but the story is so basic it’s a wonder it needs so many issues to tell its story.


Is It Good?

Exploitative grindhouse stylings and gorgeous art make this a must read for fans of the genre. Just don’t expect a robust read by any means.

Fistful of Blood #2 Review
Looks great and the art feels like it's from another time. Fun exploitative material
The vampire action sequence runs on too longUltimately a vapid sort of read
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