As a fan of Art Baltazar (anyone who creates a comic book called Patrick the Wolf Boy is okay in my book), and a unabashed Hellboy fan, this was an easy review to sign up for. So, is a tiny cute Hellboy any good?

Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

I’m a CUTE demon of Hell! Let’s hug!

Okay, let’s say this up front. If you’re a Hellboy fan looking for a good read, this isn’t it. This is not one of those Muppet-esque type kids books where it’s aimed at the young crowd with enough adult friendly jokes for you to float along. This is junior reader focused, so if you’ve got a kiddo slowly taking over your house with Thomas the Train crap and as much Batman merchandise as a WB store, then this is a great book to sit and read with them.

Artwork wise, it’s damn cute. The crayon-like sensibilities and the cute and gentle way everyone interacts is great. There’s no real strife or fighting other than some incredible Lobster Johnson side-eye, and any book that ends with a airdropped pizza delivery is bound to give some smiles:

I should be killing Nazis…

Is It Good?

I really liked this issue, and so did my 2 year old son, so if you want his endorsement he says Hellboy is “RED WITH A BIG HAND, DADDY.” On his advice alone, I think this is a cute pick up and series for sharing with your kids to indoctrinate them into the vice that you cherish so dearly.

I mean, with scenes like this:


I will say that I don’t know if Art has ever seen a jaguar…but bygones.

I’ll give this a 7 out of 10. It’s fun, but it’s not high art. Buy it and have a kid fold it up and put it in his back pocket like comic books should be.

Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 Review
Bright and colorful cute artwork makes this a captivating read for a younger audienceA trip to give underwear to lightning created Homunculi as a kids read? AmazingKeep an eye out for the captions at the bottom of pages. A great and funny addition.
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