Despite my incessant pleading, belligerent screaming, and some quasi-serious threats to hold my breath until they change their minds, Top Cow is ending Witchblade with issue number 185.

Is it good?

Witchblade #185 (Top Cow Productions)


The Plot

  • Sara takes in a monster movie (and buys some very stale popcorn) at a familiar theater. As you might expect, things get weird.
  • You might think Patrick Gleason is too forgiving, but you can’t blame him for still being in love with Sara Pezzini.
  • The Witchblade artifact is kind of a brat.
  • We’ve seen all this before, but it’s still a fun (and beautifully drawn) trip down memory lane.
  • That’s the end? Seriously?
  • *Grumble* A preview for Switch? You mean the book that’s replacing Witchblade? Yeah, no thanks. *Grumble*
  • *Sigh* Fine, I guess if I HAVE to read it for the review…huh…wow…this is actually really good.

Is It Good?

I’m still trying to come to terms with how quickly this series ended. I don’t mean time-wise; it was announced months ago and stretched even further by delays. Story-wise, however, there were so many loose threads in the Witchblade mythos that seemed to get swept away or forgotten.

But while this might not be the send off Sara Pezzini deserved, Witchblade fans can take solace in a few things about the series finale:

  • It’s a lot better than the last three issues.
  • It revisits some great characters and artists from the series’ history.
  • Witchblade will inevitably be relaunched.


And as frustrating as it was not to get to SEE the artifact’s interaction with its host of candidates, I liked the way writer Matt Hawkins wrapped things up. For the first time in a long time, Sarah is truly letting go of her former life, instead dedicating herself to simply being happy. After two decades of guarding our world from unseen evils, I think she’s earned that.

The written statements from some of Witchblade’s creators, including some touching tributes to the late Michael Turner, also helped make this feel like a fitting send off in tone (if not the plot).

Oh, and about that Switch preview. Seriously—it’s worth a read. We all know that Stjepan Sejic can draw, but his dialogue is really good, as well. Not ‘artist trying their hand at writing’ good, but good-good.

I also liked where Sejic’s story was going. It managed to keep a lot of what’s good about the Witchblade mythos while providing a new and distinctive voice observing it. It’s almost enough to keep me from feeling bitter about the Sara Pezzini series ending at such an inopportune time.


Witchblade #185 Review
A great trip down memory lane featuring some of the best moments and artists from the series' history.Writer Matt Hawkins (almost) assuages the pain of the series ending with a poignant ending.The Switch preview made me feel better (mostly because it was good).
So many loose plot threads are still dangling out there in the Artifact/Witchblade universe.The issue nails the proper series finale tone, but the plot leaves much to be desired. Much like the final issues of the series, everything feels far too compressed.
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