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Rumble #9 Review

The pitch meeting for this book must have been great. “Okay, he’s a giant former barbarian, trapped in a scarecrow, but he’s still got a massive sword”

“You had me at Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion. Let’s do this.”

Rumble #9 (Image Comics)


Still reeling from the weirdness of Halloween night, our intrepid heroes and our bad mamajama scarecrow are uncovering why the two lil’ monsters came to them for help in the first place.

Artwork that captures a “ya’ll full of s--t” face that well? Golden.

In short, these lil’ guys are enslaved, and at great risk to themselves, so they’re coming to the only creature they think can free them…who also happens to be the boogeyman they’re all terrified of.

This of course, leads to a reason for Rathraq to use his big honking Cloud Strife sword, and it’s nothing short of terrific:

I want this on a t-shirt.

Now, the artwork and story are amazing. Everything about them, from the barely contained action to the subtle humor present in nearly every panel is glorious, and both plot and art are woven together so well you’ll read this a few times just to savor it.

Still, this isn’t a novel—it’s a comic that only comes out once a month, so the ongoing mysteries are interesting, but some of them are starting to feel like a TV series that can’t solve it yet because it’s got five more episodes to go so STREEEEETCH.

Is It Good? 

Hells to the yup. I really enjoy it, and I think reading it in collected format as I’ve mentioned is probably going to be the way to go to eliminate that small plot issue.

Also, a quick shout-out to Del. A character I swore was included only for comedic timing, but who is starting to be my favorite part of the book overall. He’s brave, loyal, and dumb as rocks, but man, can he heft a mace.


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