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Extraordinary X-Men #3 Review

While definitely one of the gloomiest titles out there — Extraordinary X-Men continues along with solid writing and artwork. The third issue sees “Mutantkind teetering on the brink of extinction and the X-Men in dire straits” and the first meeting between Old Man Logan and Jean Grey.

Is it good?

Extraordinary X-Men #3 (Marvel Comics)



Jean Grey meets up with Old Man Logan, wanting to talk with him and try to convince him that X-Men ultimately need them. Elsewhere in Limbo, the X-Men are currently trying to fight off demons that are attacking their school now that psychic barrier that Magik made has collapsed.

Spoiler Corner:

The X-Men essentially are fighting a losing battle with the demons, who just keep coming despite how many they put down. Even with Ice-Man’s snowman army, one of the refugees called Sapna (who uses some sort of mind control power over a few of the demons) and others contributing to the fight — the battle is stil looking grim.

Jean and Logan talk about what has been happening; Logan says he cannot join the X-Men because he fears he is destined to kill them all (like he did in the world he came from). Jean tries to convince him that his “destiny” to kill everyone again is a load of crap and that X-Men need the two of them now that Cyclops is dead (apparently, he tried attacking the Inhumans and that didn’t work). She gives her word that she’ll look out for him and keep him in check if the need ever arises and Logan finally agrees to come with her and join the X-Men again.

The issue ends with Old Man Logan and Jean being brought over to Limbo to help fight against the demons that are attacking everyone.


Extraordinary X-Men #3 is essentially divided into two parts; the first half deals with Jean trying to convince Logan to join the X-Men and the other half is one long fight scene with our mutant heroes fighting a bunch of demons. Jeff Lemire writes both parts well, especially in the characterization department, as he gives focus to various X-Men in the fight scenes and develops the new friendship/bond between Jean and Old Man Logan with skill.

These spots feel genuine and makes the characters more human and believable. The only downside is that we get no follow up on what is going on with Mr. Sinister and the mutants he captured or anything of that ilk; it’s rather disappointing and makes the issue feels rather light. When it comes to the action scenes, Humberto Ramos’ art style makes the fighting look very chaotic. While the style certainly fits the tone and mood, the action doesn’t flow well at points (and can be difficult to discern what’s going on).

Most Memorable Moment:

Maybe it’d be a better idea if they were made of ice? Come on man! Ice is sooo much stronger than snow!


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