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Assassin’s Creed #3 Review

Welcome back to Salem, Massachusetts, in the Witchcrafty days! It’s AssCreed #3!

Assassin’s Creed #3 (Titan Comics)

Falling….WITH STYLE!

This issue picks up immediately after the reveal of issue 2, with our mutton-chopped animus hero suddenly finding himself in a bit of a bind.

“Third time this week someone’s put a pitchfork in me. Assassin-ing is a tough gig.”

As you might recall, our true protagonist, Charlotte, is still hooked into the Animus in present day. Watching all these Salem shenanigans unfold, and the discovery of Dorothy—a girl the Templars want, and the Assassins must get out of Salem at any cost—is affecting her greatly.

As the story unfolds, we see more and more subtle folds of plot start to work their way out, and a seemingly simple plot starts to get more and more complex.

Is It Good?

I’m still on board with this story, but there seems to be something missing in this issue. The stakes are higher, the story finally starts to push forward faster and faster, and the plot twists and turns are a welcome addition, but I’m still not getting that same urgency and breakneck fun I did in the first two issues.

I’m assuming this is a building moment for the plot, with a significant advancement of the outside story, but not much character wise.

I’ll give this issue a 7 out of 10. Still solid, and still pushing forward to an eventual confrontation of Templar and Assassin that’s been teased since issue 1, but just feels a bit off.

The art is fantastic though. The splash pages are incredibly well done, and small details like the old face match trope really land well:

“Where’d you get your hood? Hoods R Us?”

With the stakes rising and the Templars closing in, Charlotte is on the run, but still also in Salem. So next issue should be wall to wall action. I’m absolutely looking forward to it.


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