More than just a prequel to the film and novel trilogy, the Poet Anderson graphic novel is his must-read origin story. Here is where we meet the Dream World, where this universe’s deep mythology begins to unfold. Nerdist described the Poet comic books as “stunning, filled with a kinetic energy.” We The Nerdy said the books showed “a ton of imagination, creativity and [are] absolutely gorgeous to look at.” Graphic Policy declared it “visually amazing and completely beautiful” and Digital Trends praised its creator by writing, “No doubt about it, Tom DeLonge is a modern day dream weaver.”

Magnetic Press has given us a full 24 page preview (the entire first chapter) of the new hardcover.

POET ANDERSON Deluxe Hardcover Collection

Written by Tom Delonge & Ben Kull
Story Illustration by Djet
Cover Art by Gus Mendonca

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