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Secret Wars #8 Review

We are that much closer to a conclusion! Yahoo! Of course this wouldn’t feel like such a slow event if Marvel wasn’t publishing their post event books already — but time flies and new events (Civil War 2 cough cough) are waiting in the wings.

Is Secret Wars #8 going to make us wish Marvel took its time? Is it good?

Secret Wars #8 (Marvel Comics)

This issue opens with Thing making his way towards Castle Doom to whoop some ass. He’s been stuck waiting for eight years now, serving as the wall that protected Doom from the evil things that hid behind the shield. Let’s just say he has a score to settle.

Why does this book matter?

If you don’t know about Secret Wars then you’re going to want to catch up quick because the final issue is on its way shortly. That said, if you are aware just know the action is pretty intense in this issue and many characters die.

How we feel about all the longwinded dialogue!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The action! Artist Esad Ribic does a bang up job showing how powerful Galactus and Dr. Doom are — yes, those characters straight up do battle in this issue. Ribic has shown his illustrator-esque style works well, imbuing a sense of epic weight whenever necessary. Since his style isn’t clean it makes bones more real and blasts all the more powerful.

Not a fair fight!

Hickman has proven here he still has surprises up his sleeve. I don’t want to ruin it because it’s pretty badass, but let’s just say some furniture is best left alone! It’s also nice to see major players like Thanos get the screen time they deserve since characters like him have been pretty important in tie-ins as epic as this. Hickman also ends this issue with a cliffhanger everyone saw coming (due to the events in the last issue) but remains badass notwithstanding. Some might cry foul as far at its similarity to Return of the King but it’s fun nonetheless.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Since we’ve seen many of these characters a lot more in the tie-ins it’s unfortunate they get such a quick sweep under the rug in this issue. Again, no spoilers, but Hickman appears to want to show Dr. Doom’s power over any real fight sequence. In a way he’s making fun of action sequences in general since more than once characters get defeated for comedic relief. A little odd coming from a big event book, especially when most fans are looking for the fight scenes!

The big cliffhanger isn’t much of a surprise either which reduces its effectiveness.

Without context this is rather comical.

Is It Good?

A lot happens in this issue which will make fans happy since some of these installments have read like filler at best. It’s easy to see things are concluding to make way for the big finale which means less of a dramatic focus on key characters; overall this is fun, bombastic action done pretty well.


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