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I Hate Fairyland #3 Review

This series proposes a little girl was brought to a fairytale world to find a key that would unlock a door, allowing her to go home. Then 27 years later she’s bitter and mad as hell she still can’t find that key. Stuck in her childlike body, the fairy tale characters are none too pleased she’s still around, mostly because she drinks like a sailor and kills with impunity. So far the series has been widely over the top and funny, but how is issue #3? Is it good?

I Hate Fairyland #3 (Image Comics)

Last issue the queen of Fairyland sent a horde of zombies to off Gertrude after sending a Conan-like hero before that. Clearly Gert is rather invincible in this world. This issue however introduces a new element to the game that could bring with it hilarious consequences.

Why does this book matter?

Skottie Young is without a doubt an original artist in the superhero artist realm. His style has been used on series of covers and he’s clearly got the comedic timing down as far as imagery goes. This series is all coming out of his head and damn does he love his gore. How can you peruse a series from a master like Young and not want to see what’s inside?


Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

The queen definitely brings a great idea to the playing field and Young doesn’t skimp on simply telling us the plan; we’re actually seeing it come to fruition. The plot of this issue moves rather briskly which is a great change of pace from the last issue. There’s also a fleshing out of other areas of Fairyland that bring on the warm fuzzies, but also the funny. I’m not sure anyone has seen such a fat centaur for instance.

Young also appears to be introducing some weaknesses for Gert who up until now was invincible. That instantly makes the character more intriguing. Using eight full pages, Young shows us an incapacitated Gert. It’s not boring though, as we see her sidekick live an entire life as he waits for her to wake up. The introduction of the queen’s plan is also fantastic and it brings feelings we can only imagine Gert having when she first arrived in Fairyland.

Young continues to stuff the world with vivid art and plenty of gore mixed into the cutsey backdrops but also silly jokes and one liners. Essentially, this is a dense work in all areas.

It can’t be perfect can it?

I’m a bit confused as to how Gert can go on killing so easily, but also be hurt. Have the rules changed or is she just capable of being hurt now? There seems to be rules at play that we have no clue about, which makes following along even more chaotic. Is it intentional? Maybe, but it doesn’t help the drama when we aren’t sure if Gert is ever in danger.

Badass, regardless of being interrupted.

Is It Good?

This title is back on track and fun as hell. The art continues to be extremely strong, vivid and disturbing and the plot has gotten a whole lot more interesting.


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