Monsters of all types, including ogre-like creatures have invaded Maine; yes that’s right, Maine, which is but not anymore thanks to Thule opening up. With Thule entering our world hordes of monsters are entering and though the JLA are there to thwart them they’ll need Aquaman to up his game to take them out.

Is it good?

Aquaman #47 (DC Comics)

The queen of Atlantis is an imposter and Aquaman is on a mission to stop her. Problem is there’s a whole army in his way, but thankfully he has the JLA to help him. This issue opens in Maine, but ends up in Thule itself. Radical.

Why does this book matter?

It’s no secret DC is on a mission to get Mera back in the good graces of the fans. Apparently she’s been framed for her wrongdoings, so why wouldn’t you want to see how DC fixes this mess?

Lil emotional support goes a long way Bats!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Cullen Bunn writes an adequate action story here giving artist Trevor McCarthy plenty of double page spreads of the Justice League fighting hordes of enemies to work with. Like the Avenger movies though this makes for some pointless fighting against waves of enemies that ultimately serves as filler — although it’s fun regardless. Tell me you don’t want to see Batman riding a dragon and I’ll tell you you’re a liar!

Meanwhile Bunn has created a bit of an emotional story arc for Aquaman who rallies his teammates to fight for the people of Thule. There’s a nice moment later on in the issue where Aquaman shows off his ability to command a giant water creature and chooses to show mercy on his enemies. It’s a moment that shows of his kingly nature.

Mera also gets to show off her badassedness and fans of her should keep their eyes on this issue. The build up of her badass full page spread is a bit confusing, but maybe I’m just missing something about her powers?

The art looks fantastic throughout, especially when Aquaman’s taking out waves of enemies with a smirk. His attitude clearly shines through in most panels and sets him apart from the other heroes; he’s clearly the most carefree of the bunch.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The waves of bad guys are really just faceless bodies to punch which is a bother. They’re all stand ins for orcs straight out of Lord of the Rings and you will never worry for one second if any of the heroes will have any trouble keeping themselves alive. The stakes aren’t ever raised which makes everything read like it’s stuff that’s happening just because.

The Mera scene is downright baffling too. One minute she’s chained, the next not, and I don’t know why. It’s like the character (or maybe the writer) decided to have her free herself to serve the plot. Really that’s the main problem with this entire issue. Everyone occurs because the plot demands it.

Killer double page spread!

Is It Good?

Though it’s entertaining — two good double page spreads do not make the action any more exciting and the plot seems to progress simply because the writer wills it which makes this experience feel unearned.

Aquaman #47 Review
Two great double page spreadsCharacterization of Aquaman is tight
Mostly boring heroes fighting faceless waves of bad guysMera's escape is...confusing. How and why now?
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