After what was arguably the worst issue in an otherwise stellar run, IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles returns for its last issue of 2015.

Is it good?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #53 (IDW Publishing)


The Plot

  • Mikey (who is still on a sabbatical from his Foot Clannified brothers) is getting reacquainted with his old mutanimal friends.
  • Pete sucks at cooking.
  • Old Hob sucks at being subtle.
  • Casey and Raph have some bro bonding time.
  • April and her mom have some quality gal time.
  • Mikey goes on his first mission with the new crew and kicks some serious ass.
  • Remember when I said that Old Hob sucked at being subtle?

Is It Good?

Thankfully, this issue is much better than the last one.

The art by Michael Dialynas is great, particularly the extended action sequences. The script is also a lot of fun. Waltz does a good job making the large cast of character all have unique voices and interact well with each other.


Unfortunately, the major plot point revolves around everyone (including Mikey) being so oblivious to Old Hob’s character flaws that it hurts. I know the mutanimals are supposed to be a bit more free-spirited than the turtles, but they aren’t stupid (except for Pete, of course).

Compared to last issue, however, this plot issue seems almost inconsequential. It’s nice to be back to the tight dialogue and fluid action sequences that been a hallmark of the series. It’s still not up to par with what we’re used to, but things finally seem to be getting back on track.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #53 Review
After last month's dumpster fire of an issue, TMNT is (almost) back to formWriter Tom Waltz does a great job making the large cast of characters all have unique voices.Artist Michael Dialynas does a superb job with the issue's extended fight sequence.
The issue's plot is dependent upon all of the characters being unrealistically oblivious.
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