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Justice League #47 Review

If I may have your attention, a meme to perfectly lead us into this month’s issue of Justice League:


The only character used to the whole God thing is the virtuous Wonder Woman and it shows; seeing the characters deal with their newfound powers is a whole lot of fun, but what happens when alternate evil versions of themselves join them in fighting the Anti-Monitor?

Justice League #47 (DC Comics)

In the last issue of Justice League, the JL came to the conclusion they needed the Crime Syndicate, an alternate reality evil version of the Justice League, to stop the Anti-Monitor. The problem is they’re in a maximum security prison. Guess they gotta break them out, huh? Oh did I mention Superman has turned all white and black and trying to kill Wonder Woman?

Why does this book matter?

This is about as big and action packed as comics get; we have a prison break plus former lovers Wonder Woman and Superman fighting to the death! And now that Batman is the God of Knowledge he’s sort of stuck contemplating getting rid of the man who killed his parents.

Let’s just sit in these chairs while the world ends…

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Geoff Johns opens the book with Batman in quiet resolve as Green Lantern attempts to get him to help out; Lantern’s stuck and it’s clear Batman is having serious issues but unaware of it. From there Johns sends us into the battle between Superman and Wonder Woman and it’s great fun due to the fantastic art. It’s clear Johns is saving the complete Crime Syndicate for the next issue, but we do get the evil Green Lantern Volthoom going haywire and a pleasant surprise from the evil Wonder Woman.

Batman really needs to get off his high horse ::ahem:: I mean chair.

Essentially this issue is lots of action and features a few reveals that’ll get fans excited. The concluding page, while not the most action packed, certainly made me excited for the next issue. If you loved JLA: Earth 2 (like I did) you’ll be excited for the next issue indeed. This version of the Justice League and all its complicated evilness is going to be great fun as the storyline progresses.

Jason Fabok continues to prove he can draw a mean Green Lantern even when he’s just sitting around postulating. The Wonder Woman vs. Superman battle is fun and while Superman is clearly filled with rage (making the battle not so definitive) it’s awesome to see Wonder Woman kick his ass. Meanwhile whenever the Crime Syndicate shows up they look dastardly with the heavy inks and evil grins.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Things feel like they’re stalled more than they should be in this issue. The Superman battle ends about as you’d expect, Batman continues to sit in his chair doing nothing and the prison break isn’t quite as exciting as it should have been. This is possibly due to the machinations to break into the prison not happening on the page but instead in between the panels. There’s some action sure, especially with Big Barda, but for a prison set up to be nearly impossible to break into it’s remarkably easy based on what is seen in this issue.

That being said, this issue is all about getting characters from point A to point B and will read much better in the collected edition.

Is It Good?

Wonder Woman vs. Superman is nearly worth the price of admission, but a few fan service reveals make it exciting and the next issue much harder to wait for.


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