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The Last Contract #1 Review

I’m always up for a “hitman kicks some ass” story, and as an aging hipster stories about bad-ass old men usually hit the spot, but is The Last Contract any good?

The Last Contract #1 (BOOM! Studios)

“I gots a gun, my smokes, my dog, and my PJ shirt. Let’s shoot some hippies.”

This book, like its main character, pulls no punches. Our intro to our retired and elderly hitman starts out with complaints about his bladder control and his inability to remember little things like his regular waitresses’ name, or even what he was talking about. The one thing that his possible early stage dementia hasn’t had an effect on?

Grandpa did not approve of his granddaughter’s new boyfriend.

Our Oldballs McKillstreak can still slash a throat like a man 20 years younger.

Is It Good?

I enjoyed this. The art is gritty and dirty, like the subject matter, and lends a very noir, depressing tone to the narrative. This old man used to be a player back in the day, making money for making bodies disappear, and his life is now once again so up in the air that he wears his pajama shirt on his killing spree.

Still, this has that Unforgiven vibe of a man who just wanted to be left alone with his bladder control issues, his old dog, and his depressing end of the road, but now has to go back out there and kill some shitheads who decided to pull him back in:

What was your name again? Why are you bleeding?

I’m curious to see how this unwinds. Like John Wick with Geritol, this could be a remorseless ride into revenge and death with an old man who knows his time is short anyway. It’s a good base to build on, and I’m down with finding out how Grandpa Knife-fight goes out.


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