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Serving Supes #2 Review

Considering how outrageous the characters and plots are in superhero comics it’s a bit of a surprise there aren’t more comedic comics out there. That’s probably because comedy is hard to get right, but I found a nice indie series back in September that tickled my fancy. Issue #2 comes out this week, but is it good?

Serving Supes #2 (Devil’s Due/1First Comics)

This comic is about two twin brothers who serve subpoenas to superheroes and villains. They run a business along with a few coworkers, some who have powers in their own right. They are rather moronic though which gets them into dicey situations. This issue opens with the twins attempting to serve a hypnotist named Mister Mesmer. This can’t go well.

Why does this book matter?

The first issue was quite funny and when jokes didn’t work there was another right after to take its place. It was fast paced and filled with content. A bargain of a buy!

This can’t end well.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

There are two storylines running concurrently in this issue. The main one is with the twins who can’t seem to avoid getting mesmerized. These scenes are funny because Mister Mesmer sends them away doing outrageous things so that they’ll get arrested; imagine someone being hypnotized into literally choking a chicken and you get the gist of what kind of humor you’re in store for. The joke is seeing where the twins end up and how their actions are topped each time they are thrust back into hypnotic trance.

The second storyline focuses on the twins’ coworkers at the office. They have a bad guy ready to be picked up by the police, but his ability to shape change has created quite a pickle. He’s changed to look like one of the coworkers, Jeurgen, so to figure out which Jeurgen is the real one they’ve set out to torture the heck out of him (them). Each time we cut from the twins’ story back to the coworkers we get a much more violent and intense form of torture. It’s rather silly, but fun to see how writers Steve Stern and Matt Yuan can top themselves.

The art by John Yuan is a bit more subdued this issue as it’s mostly contained indoors. Funny posters appear inside the Serving Supes headquarters which can garner a chuckle. The best page is an inventive layout that showcases a EKG readout as the heart rate quickens and a truth parasite is slowly moved to the victim’s face. Overall the cartoony look is simple but effective and the color pops nicely.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Even though there are two stories they’re both very similar in their structure. Basically it’s all about each scene topping the last in both stories. That gives the entire issue a rather simple feel especially compared to the last issue. That makes the issue as a whole feel redundant.

It’s also tough to feel bad for the co-worker who’s being tortured. Sure it’s awful to be tortured and see what they do to him, but it’s hard to care much – or care about his co workers enjoying inflicting the torture – when we barely know the character.

Seems a bit extreme.

Is It Good?

This is a good issue, but the general setup overstays its welcome and feels redundant. There’s certainly nothing technically wrong with the issue, but the laughs are reduced because of the structure of the story. That said it has plenty of funny moments and the premise is strong enough to make you want more.


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