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The X-Files: The Official Collection Vol. 1 Review

Titan Comics has released a two volume collection bringing together the full run of X-Files Magazine. The question is, do we want to believe that Vol. 1 is good?

The X-Files: The Official Collection (Titan Comics)

Do de doo dee doo doo dee dooo doo DAH DAH DAH DAH (sing along!)

Volume 1 collects X-Files Magazine, published from 1993 to 2002 with huge in-depth character profiles and interviews with the actors portraying them. If there was ever an aspect of the series you wanted some more detail or info on, this is probably one of the best sources you can find.

They are so sexy.

For those of you who grew up with the sensible pantsuits of Scully and the phone sex addition of Mulder, this pulls together every major plot point in the series, so if you’re currently planning on a binge re-watch, you might want to save this for just after. I myself have been re-watching a good chunk of episodes over the past year or so, and this really does spoil everything, like you’d expect a magazine published after the airing of the episode would.

One thing this does well is connecting dots that I missed the first time around, because due to school plays, band practice, sleep-overs, and Super Nintendo releases, I don’t remember anywhere near enough, and playing catch up on several episodes I imagine isn’t as impactful as the first viewing.

“Want to stare at each other for like, 7 seasons and alllllmost do it?”
“You betcha.”

Is It Good?

Overall, this is a fun trip back down memory lane for me, but it’s also at times a little threadbare for content. A multi page interview with a character who had very little overall impact of the series was a great feature when trying to pad out a magazine issue, but not nearly as necessary here.

On the other hand, the subtle touches of behind the scenes info is fantastic. Getting a glimpse into something that was a big part of your adolescence is always a bit of a fun ride, and I say that as someone that watched the entire extended edition extras of the Lord of the Rings more than once.

The really added value is the fun articles that are a bit outside a recap or plot discussion, like the 20 Coolest Moments, a Sexual Tension recap, and some character profiles on the most mysterious members, like The Cigarette Smoking Man, with character details and actor interviews.

This man is only 26 years old. Smoking kills, kids.

So, if you’re a superfan and you remember everything in the show and want to reengage with those old moments, this is a great pick up. Collectors who don’t want to unbox your pristine bagged and boarded X-Files Magazine collection—also a nice pick up.

If you’re a little less of a superfan and don’t have the time to re-watch all the seasons, and don’t mind the spoilers, this will catch you up for the new season. It’s well done, exhaustive (to its own detriment at times), and has me excited for the new season.


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