​Dark Horse Comics’ Dragon Age: Mage Killer comic hits the shelves with its second issue in the series. The first installment laid the groundwork for an intriguing story with a lot of promise. On to chapter two. Is it good?

Dragon Age: Mage Killer #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

​The story of mage killer Marius and his partner Tessa picks up right where it left off. Summoned under false pretenses, the duo finds themselves with an unsavory choice: they can either work for Archon Radonis, the man who tricked them (who by the way, is the leader of the the most powerful group of mages in the land) and kill four targets, or be killed on the spot. There wouldn’t be much of a story with option two, so this chapter covers Marius and Tessa as they track down and dispose of their targets. They realize that even if they succeed they’ll most likely be killed.

Is It Good?

​I was hoping for a little more character development as we pick up and leave the story, knowing about as much of the two as we did in the first installment. Also, like the first book, having some understanding of the world of Dragon Age (or having a nearby glossary) goes a long way to keeping your “Venatori” and “Quinari” straight as there is little in the way of world building here, relying instead on the reader’s knowledge of the world and how it works.

​Nevertheless Greg Rucka’s story is still paced well and the main characters are intriguing. There are some hints of what’s to come and a definite tie-in to the most recent Dragon Age game, Inquisition. The art is good and plays well with the fantasy setting, allowing for some nice frames where magic is used.

​All in all, a decent outing for number two, but I had hoped the flow of details about the main character’s relationships would have been turned up past a slow drip. Still, we’re left in an interesting place and I find myself still invested in their story and wanting to see what happens next.

Dragon Age: Mage Killer #2 Review
Good pacing/actionCharacters are likable, if still undefined
Story is still mostly setup for what's to comeSome of the jargon may be hard to navigate for newcomers to Dragon Age
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