Though Lucifer is technically a bad guy he’s the good guy on the beat in DC Comics’ new series. He’s helping the angel Gabriel uncover who killed God and this issue takes them to Hell. Sounds good, but is it?

Lucifer #2 (Vertigo Comics)

Lucifer wants to know what’s going on with his maker, there’s a queen of Hell, and a woman hears evil thoughts from a jar of jagged teeth demons.

Why does this book matter?

With a TV show going on you know DC is going to thrust as much as they can into a comic of the same name to make some clams. Plus this antihero is being written by the same woman who brought us The Spiderwick Chronicles. She might know a thing or two about storytelling.

This can’t end well.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

There are two stories at play in this issue and both are compelling in their own ways.

Holly Black writes the earthly story in a way that draws you in and when you’re finally in its clutches you’re going to be horrified. A mild mannered overweight woman is trying to find some peace in life, but the damn jar of jagged teeth keeps whispering evil thoughts. We witness her become compelled to do bad things and things get gory and twisted. This story could have easily fit into an anthology as a short but it works splendidly interwoven with the Lucifer story.

The Lucifer story is incredibly good too, but it takes a larger scale. We literally enter Hell in this issue and a war takes place with plenty of demons along with it. This issue is largely successful because it doesn’t feel like it’s holding back like 99% of the comics on the shelves these days. A lot happens, character dynamics build and there’s enough surprises to fill a collected edition let alone a single issue!

Gabriel and Lucifer: Just two bros.

Gabriel and Lucifer get some poignant moments together in this issue and while they aren’t friends by any means it’s clear there’s some type of bond forming. Beelzebub also makes an appearance and it’s interesting to see how he treats Lucifer here. They have history and that’s compelling. Now does Lucifer eat human beings like Beelzebub or do they have different plates?

Lee Gabrett continues to do a fantastic job with the art too. The jar of haunting jagged teeth are fantastically evil and remind of The Darkness or Spawn in their number and wild mania. This culminates into a great single page spread of the faces taunting the once innocent woman into doing terrible things. Juxtapose the chaotic yet contained jar of demons to Hell itself and damn does Gabrett nail this too. The demons are all horrific and scary, the gore intense and it’s beautifully twisted too.

It can’t be perfect can it?

There is a single page that progresses a story with two teens that doesn’t do much for me. I’m not certain why they matter and nothing much happens with them either. It’s an odd scene obviously there to prevent us from forgetting them, but it doesn’t do much at all.

Is It Good?

A lot happens, character dynamics build and there’s enough surprises to fill a collected edition let alone a single issue!

Lucifer #2 Review
Solid main story and the side story could stand alone tooScary, disturbing, gross, this book has it all. And Hell!A lot of interesting character dynamics in play
One page highlights characters we haven't seen or heard much from yet doesn't seem to fit
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