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Wolf #5 Review

Wolf, a series about a Los Angeles private eye and his young werewolf slash antichrist ward ended on a bit of a cliffhanger with issue 4. Is issue five as good as its first run?

Wolf #5 (Image Comics)

“Seltzer is not going to cut it for that stain Missy.”

When we left Wolf and Anita Christ, we had wrapped up the story arc in the way most noir type fiction does: the bad guys were pretty dead, and the pretty blonde was also a werewolf and possibly the Anti-Christ. You know, THAT old chestnut.

Wolf #5 picks up five years later, and it seems things have not been going so well for our protagonist:

Yeah…this doesn’t seem to bode well.

You now know as much as me. Ales does a good job in keeping this mysterious—is this the government? Vampires? We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Anita Christ (yes. That’s her name) seems to be in a much better place:

So…steaks? Steaks.

The art is far different than the first arc, and I feel like it works better in some cases. This is a pretty dirty and filthy world, so the…squishier?—for lack of a better term—art seems to fit that mold.

Is It Good?

I’m still onboard with the weird mythology of this book, and this issue only serves to deepen the ongoing mysteries that were raised in vol. 1. Why is Wolf immortal? Is this tiny blonde who listens to Hole going to destroy the world?

Man, if I had a nickel every time I heard this from a girl.

It’s a welcome back, it’s weird, I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s got my favorite character, Freddy Chthonic, so that’s worth a solid point bump in itself.

A man of many tastes, is Freddy.

If this is the Empire Strikes Back arc where the good guy is beat down and his little werewolf friend has to play all Leia in Return of the Jedi to rescue him, well I’ll play along. I like this odd little slice of mythology, and I’m willing to bet it’s only getting weirder and crazier from here.

The one downside I do have is that the mystery plot underpinning the whole series feels almost inscrutable at times. Like some of the worst parts of The X-Files when you just could not see how far this crazy went, this book is very short on details. That might be a good thing, with a grand ending like the first arc, but I find myself wishing there was a little more meat on its bones.


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