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The Art of Fable Legends: Top 10 Coolest Things We Can’t Wait to See in Game

Lionhead Studios’ Fable Legends will be coming to PC and Xbox One soon. Now in closed beta testing, the sixth game in this franchise is a departure from the main numbered entries in the series. Set in medieval Albion, you pick from a pool of 14 heroes—or the villain who actively tries to stop them. Titan has just released The Art of Fable Legends, a hardcover tome with illustrations of all the characters, places, and enemies you’ll encounter. In anticipation of the release, I went through and picked out the 10 coolest images to tide over any Fable fan until its actual release.

10. Brightlodge

A town set on the edge of a waterfall. Towers, tents and pointed roofs make this feel like a Fable town. It’s unique in the way it’s built over a body of water and the structures seem to be impossibly supported as they tumble over one another, hanging precariously on the edge of the waterfall itself.

9. Rosewood

Home of series staple bad guys like red caps and the powerful Lady of the Rosewood (who really doesn’t like people who steal her roses). Set in the south, the forest looks both enchanting and creepy at the same time, with crumbling walls and irregular angles.

8. Evienne

She reminds me of a Disney princess with a sword. She also has a natural, earthy vibe going on, and feels like a twist on the lady of the lake legend. Tasked with guarding a huge sword until a hero shows up to wield it, she takes it up herself instead. Great juxtaposition of her holding the giant blade.

7. Tipple

A linebacker with a bottle. According to the book it’s Lionhead’s take on Friar Tuck. He even wears a small keg on his back and drinking figures into his fighting style.

6. Redcaps

A series stable harking all the way back to the first game. They’ve received a cool enhanced look; you can actually see the nails they use to hammer their red hats on to their heads, without which they die.

5. Pucks

Part of the “Goodfellows” that roam the forest along with the “Pipers,” Pucks are goat-legged creatures who wear masks and generally cause mischief. Their design really adds to the mythological feel of the art style, reminiscent of pagan myths. I imagine, unlike actual goats, they will be doing more than eating grass in the game.

4. Flair

A cool and colorful circus performer, she stands out from the other characters and you can really see in the concept art how many iterations they went through to get her look right. Art director Kelvin Tuite stated they wanted “a good representation of ethnic diversity,” in the 14 playable heroes and they pulled inspiration for Flair from an image of a Chinese circus performer.

3. Ogres

I’ll admit, Ogres may not be the freshest idea in fantasy, but the weapon he wields may have pushed him over the top in my book. It’s a club. With a head on the end. His twin’s head. In the lore of the game, Ogres grow up as twins and eventually fight each other in a survival of the fittest/you’d make a good weapon battle. Cool backstory, though I imagine it makes family reunions awkward.

2. Malice

An evil warrior who is killed and cursed to rise again. However, anytime he tries to do any evil deeds, he inflicts horrible pain upon himself, so he’s a hero by default. What’s cool is his backstory is incorporated into his design: the lantern burning in the hollow of his chest actually contains his soul and you can sometimes see his face in it.

1. Leech

Who doesn’t love a hero in a plague doctor mask? He’s got a Robin Hood aesthetic going on with his outfit to be sure, but the little bottles hanging all over his belts along with various knives and syringes make him the most unique looking character in the game. You can instantly tell what he’s about from the design, even though he’s not your typical fantasy archetype.

The Art of Fable Legends has a few pages on each of the characters and enemies in the game and is well worth looking through if you’re a fan of the series or are curious about the upcoming free to play game. While the game doesn’t have a firm release date yet—like I mentioned earlier, it’s in closed beta—they regularly give out codes to join in, so if you’re interested in trying it out follow Lionshead on Twitter or visit the Fable Legends homepage.

The Art of Fable Legends is available on Amazon for $29.49.


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