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Mystery Girl #3 Review

In this issue, Trine makes trouble for her pursuer, but trouble follows her path. Is it good?

Mystery Girl #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Trine responds to Linford’s threats by using her power, and her friends in the police, to thwart him. She and Jovie are free to dogsled out to the site of the mammoth. But what they discover is far more than a piece of a mammoth, with much worse implications.

Is It Good?

This issue is definitely an improvement over the long waiting around of the last—an uptick in action really helps move the book along. However, the book takes a major turn for the dark in a way I wasn’t expecting. This is an adult story, but the first issue, even with the nudity and violence, still had an upbeat feeling. While the sense of adventure is still there, the reveal of what Trine and Jovie are really up against totally turned things in a different direction.

I have to admit, one of the things that I can’t take in my media is animal deaths. It’s my personal issue, but I know it’s a common one for many folks, and there are several in this issue. And they are brutal and up close, and wow, did that take me out of the book. I assume this is part of showing just how bad our bad guy is, but I was not expecting that from this book.

Trying to remove that from my feelings about the book, I like that we are getting hints that Trine has more powers beyond her instant mystery solving. She’s a fascinating character, and I also enjoyed seeing her problem-solving skills as she got the better of Linford. There’s solid humor through most of the book, which made the dark turn even more abrupt when it came.

I’m not enjoying the art as much as I did in the first issue. The second had a ton of gratuitous nudity; since this issue is primarily set outdoors in Russia, it didn’t have that problem, but the art was more sketchy and the facial expressions less clear. As Trine lands the plane, Jovie is supposed to be screaming in terror, but she looks more like she’s laughing uproariously. This happens a few other times in this issue and the last.

I’m still intrigued by the story and by Trine as a character, but I don’t know if I’m going to like the darker direction the book is taking.


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