It’s time to step out of the Animus and back into the real world for issue #5 of Assassin’s Creed. Does Charlotte end her adventure on a high note? Do we see more of Salem? Is it good?

Assassin’s Creed #5 (Titan Comics)


This? This is how you wrap up a mini-series.

Our assassin in training, Charlotte, is out of the animus. She’s seen all she can see about her ancestor in Salem during the Witch Trials, and it’s time to kick some teeth(!) in, so that means it’s time for modern day assassin hijinx!

Is It Good?

I really enjoyed this issue. The various half truths and hidden motives behind both the Templars and Assassins are laid bare for everyone. Charlotte gets her blade out and gets dirty, and the banter that she dives right into is pretty much what you’d expect from a book based on a game:

Here’s your hoodie, go kill everyone.

The artwork is also back to issue 1 quality, which means that drawing puritanical Massachusetts is probably just as boring as living there would be. The fight scenes, facial expressions, and action pin-up pose-like splashes are all more dynamic and colorful.

This is already being cosplayed at some convention. Mark my words.

I wonder if that was an intentional move – present day is vibrant and full, and past is a little more rough around the edges, like the animus presentation is imperfect. Interesting.

Overall, the whole series gets a 7 out of 10 from me, with this issue scoring an 8.5.

I’ll say it’s good. This wraps up the first arc, with the next adventure not for a few months—and it was worth the overall read for Assassin’s Creed fans out there. If you’re not a fan, or casually interested, the first and final issue will probably land well, with the middle being a bit too filler-esque.

Assassin's Creed #5 Review
Artwork pops off the page, with excellent lines, faces, and fantastic colorsModern Day Assassin-ing is what fans of the series have been waiting to play for a long time. This is a delicious preview of what might beSeries concludes with a bang(!) and ties up all those loose ends you've been pondering
Great final issue might be too little too late for some
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