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Amazing Spider-Man #8 Review

Writer Dan Slott is set to wrap up his Spider-Man/Cloak and Dagger Shanghai adventure, but is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #8 (Marvel Comics)

Mr. Negative is set to destroy a rival, but of course Peter won’t have that happen on his watch. Meanwhile the mole that’s been sabotaging Pete’s business is revealed. Plus Spider-Man vs. Spider-Mobile! Who ya got?

Why does this book matter?

The international angle of Spider-Man makes the narrative scope feel bigger, but it also brings with it a bevvy of new issues. Also, Peter’s girlfriend has been acting weird too and knowing Parker’s luck that won’t end well for him.


Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

As far as climactic chapters go this issue brings a lot of elements together nicely. Peter is attempting to capture Mr. Negative and stop his evil ways, but also rescue Cloak and Dagger from his mind control. As the plan unfurls Slott managers to kick it up a notch with the Spider-Mobile and once again the darn car feels like it’s worth our time. Considering how goofy and pointless it has been in the past it’s nice to see he’s made it work.

They bad!

The climactic sequences involve said car and they are excitingly drawn by Matteo Buffagni with a great use of scope to convey how small Spidey is when facing off against his own vehicle. In one panel the car falls and you get the sense a lot of weight is falling and Spider-Man needs to act fast. He also does a fantastic job with Spider-Man himself as well as Cloak and Dagger. Buffagni’s style is quite sleek and cool looking which helps sell the very epic “heroes standing on rooftop” panel to cap things off.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Ultimately things wrap up a little too easily, although it was a nice touch to bring in Cloak’s doubting the drug as the answer bit. The result of capturing Mr. Negative is about as cliched as superhero comics can get. On top of that Spidey lets something go way too easily.


Is It Good?

Things wrap up as Spider-Man must save the day in a rare way: having a plan actually work!


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